Thankful Tree

After a long day at work, I was tiredly waiting for the elevator. “What could have gotten worse than today?” Crankily I mumbled. “Today, three were killed in a suspected terrorism attack…” – The T.V news rambled. The news kept going with all the depressing news, and I thought, “Good thing I am safe here.” We are safe. We have a roof on us. We don’t have to worry about car bombing. We don’t have to worry about making ends meet every day. And we are sitting here complaining about tiny little things going on in our life… Most of us take things for granted. We entitle certain privileges to us and expect others to do them, yet we never look back and think what we have done for others. It’s a pause moment where we stop what we are doing and reflect back on what has stepped into our lives and made a difference. Today, we are celebrating that moment. We created a Thankful Tree where we wrote our appreciation and gratefulness on leaves and put them on the tree… A tree. A tree is a symbol of life. Motherland nurtures the tree as it digs its root deep down, to grow and to stand strong. The tree grows tall and blossoms. Storms, winds, rain, or sun cannot take it down when Motherland is protecting it from the roots. Fall comes; the leaves depart the tree and come down to the Motherland. The rotten leaves become something nutritious to the land as time goes on. It is a vicious cycle of give and take… “I am thankful for our happy clients.” “I am thankful for my family who always support me in everything I do.” “I am thankful for hardworking and fun employees.” “I am thankful for my parents.” “I am thankful for all the opportunities given to me.” … Today, we want to be that tree. We want to say thank you to everyone who has set a trace in our lives and made it better. We are thankful.


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