Meet the Team: Katarzyna L.

A warm welcome to our Poznan Backoffice Coordinator on Meet the Team Day! Kararzyna L, Backoffice Coordinator Team Member: Katarzyna L., Backoffice Coordinator. Poznan Office. Background: I have a Master of Arts in Sports and Tourism from the University School of Physical Education. Katarzyna, how long have you been working in eCommerce and development? I haven’t actually. This is my first time working in eCommerce and development, but I like it a lot. As I studied sports and tourism, I mainly worked in places related with this industry for providing customer service. With that in mind, what drew you to working in eCommerce and development? I wanted to change something in my life, so I have decided to pick up a challenge and start working at Creatuity. Do you have any particular skills you’d like to share? My skills are not related to development. I share my language skills and customer service experience to help our developers. I also provide assistance to Matt and Wiktor, our senior developer and VP, helping them deal with minor tasks while they work more important tasks What’s your favorite part about working at Creatuity? What I like about Creatuity is honest and trust. There are no divisions among us; everyone is a part of the team. Any ideas, constructive criticism or solutions, will be heard and discussed. I also like the atmosphere; it’s really important for me to feel good at work. Any of hobbies or things you love to do when you’re not working? I am a sports fan. I have skied, practiced karate shotokan for 20 years, and managed to represent our national team. In my spare time, I also work as a fitness instructor and I like watching volleyball games and good movies while enjoying sitting on my couch. Finally, any fun facts about you we can share? I love every kind of sweets!


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