Customer Service and What It Means To Me As A Consumer

I am sure that everyone reading this blog at some point has had to deal with customer service, such as grocery stores, banks, restaurants, department stores, etc. You probably have always expected good customer service, yet bad service is unavoidable. Who would like to go to a store and purchase something only to be treated rudely by the person at check out? Sometimes you just want to tell them not to blame you if they do not like their job. However, hopefully with some restraint do you hold off, and you realize that maybe the clerk is just not having a good day. We all have had bad days, right? Did someone ever give you slack? All of my adult life have I been in a career where good customer service is expected; it was not just a request but an expectation. So whenever I encounter bad customer service, I am highly agitated and really do not want to do business with them ever again. I do expect to be treated with respect, so I in turn always try to give respect as well. Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you … Here at Creatuity we have 8 core values that I believe in. I also believe that we strive to create and model our customer service skills after these 8 values: 1. Honesty and Trust – This is an important part of customer service. If you cannot trust the person you are doing business with, how would you know if they were being honest and telling you what is really happening with your online business. 2. Positive Attitude and Fun Environment- Creatuity strives to foster a positive atmosphere; we believe in hard work and hard play. We get our jobs done, but we also have fun creating and developing businesses. We enjoy seeing you succeed. 3. Respect and Empathy- As mentioned before, “do unto others as you would have them do until you.” No one wants to be treated mean and sometimes we need someone to listen and be there for us and understand how we feel. Our desire is to show our clients both respect and empathy. 4. Family, Friendship and Loyalty – We give, we take care, and we are loyal to our families so much. In the same understanding, we are here for you and your family, working with you to meet your business needs. We are loyal to our customers. 5. Responsibility and Honor – Our responsibility is to honor you as a client. We take responsibility to communicate in a timely manner and to ensure that our clients are completely in the loop regarding their projects, websites, and even special requests. 6. Always learning, innovating, and sharing knowledge – There is never a time that we stop learning; we always strive and push ourselves to learn new technologies and methodologies to deliver the very best we can to our clients. Since we are constantly looking for new processes and solutions we work to share that knowledge with our clients and let our clients decide what works best for their vision. 7. Constantly Improving- Creatuity encourages our clients feedback. If a client has an idea that they would like us to consider, we seek out that information and feedback from them. And last but not least, 8. Cooperation and collaboration- It is a main goal to cooperate with each other on our team and then pass it down through collaboration to our clients. So you wonder why I am telling me about our core values but not about customer service; each value is important to find in a company that you would want to partner with to put your vision and your business on the world wide web. You want these values because these values provide a greater customer experience. So as Lou Holtz says, “Do right. Do your best. Treat others as you want to be treated.”


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