Creatuity Now Has Largest Team of Magento Certified Developers in Texas

Creatuity is pleased to announce that with our sixth developer attempting and passing the Magento Certified Developer Exam, we now have more Magento certified developers than any other Magento Partner in the state of Texas. The Magento Certified Developer Exam is a 90 minute, 70 question exam covering the ins and outs of developing for and maintaing the Magento platform. By working with a Magento Partner with a large number of certified developers like Creatuity, you can be certain that work on your website will be implemented quickly and correctly – leading to a finished website that runs faster, is more stable and costs less to maintain. We’re very proud of our team members that have passed this test, and with at least 4 more developers scheduled to take the exam in the first quarter of this year, we plan to soon be in the top 5 of all Magento partners world-wide for the number of Magento certified developers on our team! If you need help with your Magento website or are undertaking a new Magento project, please call us at 214-810-5005, email us at or fill out our quote request form, above, as we’d love to put our Magento knowledge to work on your project!


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