Is Magento Enterprise Edition Worth the Investment?

One of the most common questions we’re asked during the ‘getting to know your project’ process is if Magento Enterprise is worth it. Or oftentimes, just how much Magento Enterprise costs, followed by ‘is it worth it?’ or ‘Do I really need to purchase Magento Enterprise?’. Is Magento Enterprise worth the license fee? Absolutely! Is it worth it for your particular business? That’s a trickier question. Does your eCommerce business generate at least $200,000 per year, or for a new business, do you anticipate that it will? If not, I would recommend Magento Community – contact us online or call us at 214-810-5005, and chances are we can customize a Magento Community installation to meet the needs of your business. If you are generating at least $200,000 per year, then it’s time to take a look at Magento Enterprise. There are lots of articles, comparisons and checklists you can read about all the great features that Magento Enterprise includes, and they all make Magento Enterprise worth the cost of the license fee. However, before we delve into feature lists and other slick marketing items, there is only one thing you have to consider to know that Magento Enterprise is worth it: full page caching. Magento Enterprise includes a feature known as Full Page Caching. It’s pretty technical, but what you need to know is that when it’s enabled and running on a well-optimized server setup, it can easily reduce the time it takes pages on your website to load from 5 seconds to below 1 second – those are real numbers, based on our clients running Magento Enterprise and Magento Community. OK, so your site is faster? Now what? Now – you make more money. A lot more money. Studies have shown that 47% of consumers expect a page to load in 2 seconds (ref for these stats), and that 40% of shoppers will abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Other studies have shown that a 1 second delay in a page’s loading time can cause a 7% drop in conversions. So let’s say you decide to use Magento Enterprise instead of Magento Community. Your site is several seconds faster; according to these studies and countless others like it (and my own personal experience with hundreds of our clients), if you’re currently selling around $500,000 per year online with a conversion rate of 2%, you should see an increase in revenue of at least $40,440 per year for every second of loading time you can shave off your site’s performance (ref). Even those selling as little as $200,000 per year should see at least a $16,176 increase in revenue per second saved on your site’s load time – meaning that Magento Enterprise, on the strength of this one single feature alone, more than pays for itself. That’s why, if you’re a business considering Magento and your revenue is at or projected to be at $200,000 per year or higher, Magento Enterprise isn’t just worth it – it’s a very easy decision. Convinced? Contact us online or call us at 214-810-5005 to discuss your project – we can help you get the best possible deal on the Magento Enterprise license fee and go over the rest of your needs to design a Magento Enterprise site that meets them all. Still not convinced? Well, beyond the conversion-rate-boosting full page caching, Magento Enterprise includes:
  • Advanced customer segmentation and targeting
  • Private sales, events and invitations
  • Gift registry and gifting options
  • Reward points
  • Advanced Return Management Authorization (RMA’s)
  • Staging, merging and rollback of content
  • Store credits
  • Enhanced Catalog and Content Management System (CMS)
  • Advanced Permissions
  • Minimum Advertised Price (MAP/MSRP) support
  • Call Center Support with Assisted Shopping
  • Solr Search (greatly improves the speed and accuracy of the product search)
For most of our enterprise-level clients, even just one of those features tends to make the Magento Enterprise license fee worth the investment. Still not sure? Call us! You can reach us at 214-810-5005 and we’d love to go over the pros and cons of both Magento Community and Magento Enterprise to help you make the best decision for your business – if Magento Enterprise just isn’t a good fit, we’ll let you know, and we can design a solution around Magento Community that will meet your needs. But if your business is ready for a platform as powerful as Magento Enterprise, we’ll make sure to let you know, and explain why. So, don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 214-810-5005 and we’d love to discuss Magento Enterprise with you further.


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