Tips for an Efficient Google Adwords Plan

Google Adwords is an important tool for marketing now. How to improve Google Adword efficiency was another Breakout Session topic at Magento Imagine this year. This Breakout session, “Adwords Accelerator: Improve Paid Search Performance by Avoiding the Top 10 Adword Mistakes Retailers Make” was led by Denis Coombes, the Director of Sales at ROI Revolution. Denis went through some common Adword mistakes that we thought were interesting. We thought that it would be good expand on them in order to help with making an efficient Adword plan. In order to be efficient, you need to know how your efforts are being received. It’s always better to run analytics in order to track the progress of every keyword you put out there in order to see which ones get a strong return on investment. Google Adwords has it’s own analytics that shows how often your ads appear, which ad text works the best and conversion tracking. You need to measure your content at a keyword level and identify what is working. Find the keywords that convert, and then make sure to really push them. These keywords are the ones that will make the most money, so it’s best to run a filter for keywords you’ve used that have been converted into a sale. Google Adwords actually has workshops to help with keyword planning and has a tool called “Keyword Planner” that helps determine traffic estimates to see how much you should spend on each keyword. Google Adwords Don’t keep a default setting for keywords and ads. Try to segment your audience in various ways such as state and region. Also, control times that your ads are being displayed- this can help you save money and hit a better target audience. It’s always good to have a few or several different ad copies to test and see which ones creates more response for your website. Make sure to look at both the conversion rate and the click-through rate. Do not neglect other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. Some people may prefer these search engines and by not catering to them, you’re losing out on potential clients. The same goes for Mobile devices. So many people surf the internet on their phones now and the rate of mobile search advertising is increasing by 76% this year, and will keep increasing dramatically until 2017. We are happy to share our knowledge from Magento Imagine! It can be difficult to learn to track certain keywords or get started with Google Adwords. We are here to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us at (214) 810-5005 or email us at


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