eBay Purchases 49% Stake in Magento

At today's eBay Analyst Day, Mark Carges, eBay Senior Vice President Global Products and Chief Technology Officer, announced that eBay has acquired 49% of Magento. This was first covered at AuctionBytes in their coverage of the eBay Analyst Day. Magento joins a large list of companies that eBay has either purchased out ...

Mobile Ecommerce: A Matter of When and How, Not If

For quite some time now, many of our ecommerce clients have been asking us if they should have a mobile presence via a mobile-friendly version of their website or a native smartphone app. However, it's no longer a question of 'if' your ecommerce venture should have a mobile presence, but when and how you should launch ...

We’re Hiring!

We’re Hiring!

Creatuity has experienced explosive growth in the past year, and after going on quite a hiring spree for PHP development positions (we're now up to a total of ten PHP developers!), we're looking to round out the team with a few other roles in the coming months. The first position we're hiring for is a part-time/remote ...

Changing the Default Magento Error Screen

Many people don't realize that when an error occurs on your Magento site, your users see the screen above. Not exactly the most user friendly message, and given that it features the Magento logo, name and copyright it can leave users scratching their heads, wondering if you even exist and who this 'Magento' is. If you ...

Coming Soon – Much Needed Improvements to

Well, I must admit, I've been so wrapped up in projects for clients, I've completely neglected After being involved with yet another Wordpress-powered site that simply put to shame, I decided that it was time to update this site. Furthermore, I realized that unless I kept it simple, I would ...

FACTA ("The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act"), a law which resulted in a wave of class-action lawsuits (See the Multichannel Merchant article 'Fear FACTA' for more info), stats among other things that a merchant cannot print the expiration date of a customer's credit card number on any sort of receipt. Users ...

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