The Pinterest Buyable Pins Extension for Magento

Joshua WarrenThis post is one in a series about our new Pinterest Buyable Pins Extension for Magento that allows Magento site owners to list their products as Buyable Pins on Pinterest. We’ll be covering the value of Buyable Pins, more about how they work and how to take advantage of them to boost your sales. Today, however, […]

Google Advertising & Purchases on Google

Stacy FarringtonThe advertising tactics of Google are always changing and being tailored to what shoppers are looking for. One of Google’s top priorities is providing the most accurate results to those who are searching, and doing it in the simplest way possible. Currently, Google is testing out a service called Purchases on Google with a handful […]

How to Choose the Best Magento Host

Stacy FarringtonThis blog post is by Rob Mangiafico at LexiConn. Finding the perfect host for your Magento eCommerce store is not easy. Magento requires a great deal of know-how in order to make it run fast and reliably. Although many web hosts might meet the minimum requirements for hosting a Magento store, there are a few things […]

Texas + Magento = Creatuity

Stacy FarringtonCreatuity has strong ties to both the Texas and Magento communities and are proud of it! Joshua Warren, CEO of Creatuity, is a born and raised Texan who has spent a great portion of his life working on the eCommerce platform, Magento. His adoration for these two communities is what sparked his idea to start a Magento ecommerce agency […]

Magento Enterprise Edition Release

Stacy FarringtonMagento version releases are oftentimes overlooked because merchants may think the update won’t really affect their store but just like any other updates, it’s quite important to be up-to-date. Would you wait more than a day to apply the latest iOS update? I don’t think so; this is the same case with any technological update that […]

Timeframe & Cost to Build a Magento Store

Stacy FarringtonTwo questions that are asked constantly by merchants who want to start an eCommerce site on Magento is 1) how long does it take and 2) how much does it cost? Of course there will be varying answers to this, but a lot of it depends on what exactly you are wanting. Let’s take a […]

Leveraging Magento’s Flexibility for Better B2B Ecommerce

Joshua WarrenMagento, especially Magento Enterprise, is known for providing a flexible, cost-effective eCommerce platform. Thanks to this, more and more businesses are considering Magento to power their B2B ecommerce operations. In the United States, B2B ecommerce is already twice as large as B2C ecommerce. About 10% of all B2B transactions take place online, and that number […]

Preparing for the 2015 Holidays

Stacy FarringtonRecently, Internet Retailer came out with a special “Holiday Readiness Report” that explains what online business should be doing in preparation for this 2015 holiday season. That’s right, it’s time to start thinking about it! The report shares a ton of compelling facts and strategies about the upcoming holiday season, one being that 29% of consumer […]

eBay Finalizing Sale of eBay Enterprise to Private Equity Firm

Joshua WarrenAs reported by numerous media outlets last night and this morning, eBay hopes to finalize and announce a deal today for the purchase of eBay Enterprise, the business unit which includes Magento, to a private equity firm for approximately $900 million. Earlier this year, eBay announced plans to spin off PayPal and eBay Enterprise into […]

3 Reasons You Should Be Using Product Videos

Stacy FarringtonIf you have a website that isn’t currently producing videos, now is the time to start. Videos, especially product videos, are a vital component in increasing conversions. Here are three reasons why you should be implementing them: Videos are Insanely Popular It shouldn’t be news to you that videos are taking over the internet. If you […]