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We Offer eCommerce Consulting of All Types

Creatuity has had the opportunity to work with countless eCommerce firms in all phases of operation from startup to mature, growing business. This experience, combined with our own experience in eCommerce has given us a wealth of knowledge concerning eCommerce best practices. With our ecommerce consulting services, we can help take your site to the next level of recognition, bringing in more traffic and training you and your staff on how to optimize your business processes to reap the greatest rewards.

Which eCommerce Service is Right for You?

SEO: What Search Engines Can Do for You

Search engine optimization is critical for every eCommerce venture. Your ranking on Google can determine your success or failure as a site, and it’s not uncommon for a change in the Google rankings to make (or cost!) a business millions for dollars. Creatuity has years of experience in improving search engine rankings for sites and can help you organize your site to increase rankings and train your content writers in writing for SEO.

Conversion Rate Consulting: Turning Visits into Purchases

Creatuity employs a number of methods to test your existing site’s usability and design for conversions. Then, we use these findings and our years of experience in eCommerce to tune your site to convert as many prospects as possible. We can provide this service for traditional eCommerce sites where a conversion occurs when the user purchases an item from you, or for lead-generation sites where a conversion occurs when the user submits a critical piece of information.

Pay Per Click Campaign Management: AdWords and More

Google AdWords represents a truly revolutionary way to advertise your business. No other advertising medium gives you the control and the results of pay per click (PPC) advertising online. There are countless opportunities to test different ad headlines, target keywords that indicate a user is ready to buy, and more. Creatuity has extensive experience managing large pay per click campaigns, using both the native, Google-provided tools as well as high-end PPC ad tracking systems. We can tune your campaigns to help ensure you’re getting the maximum return on every dollar you spend on your campaign, and often help you receive the same number of conversions even with a lower budget.

We're here to help with your eCommerce and Magento needs.
Call us at 214-810-5005 or email us at
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