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Creatuity Offers Complete Solutions for All Your PHP Needs

We provide our clients with a complete solution for all their PHP needs. Whether you need updates to an existing site written in PHP, or you’re looking for a new site to be written from the ground-up, we’re here to help! We can also conduct code reviews and help you find any performance or security shortcomings — especially when combined with our server optimization services, this service can really improve your site’s overall performance and usability.

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Why the Yii Framework?

While we are experienced with a number of different PHP frameworks, including the Zend framework, CakePHP, and Symfony, Creatuity vastly prefers the Yii framework. Yii produces sites and systems that run faster and have built-in security protections, and it also enforces code standards that result in clean and reusable code. It’s also an incredibly flexible framework that allows for innumerable customizations and process management systems.

If you have an existing site, system, or project in Yii, we’d love to assist you with it. For any new site implemented from scratch, we highly recommend starting with the Yii framework. Read our blog article to learn more about why Creatuity loves using the Yii framework for eCommerce sites.