Meet Sarah: Creatuity’s Newest Sales and Marketing Professional

Meet the Creatuity team’s new Business Development Representative, Sarah Flores– recent University of Oklahoma alumna and an expert in all things digital content production, lead-qualification, recruiting, company culture promotion, and marketing automation software-related.



B: Describe yourself in three words… but they all have to start with the letter “S.”

S: Sassy. Serendipitous. Strategic.

B: I’m both impressed and a little intimidated by the fact that you just had the word “serendipitous” on the tip of your tongue. Now you can tell me about yourself without a word count… How did you get here?

S: I graduated from the University of Oklahoma in May where I majored in Public Relations and earned a minor in Communication. Before this, I served as a copywriter for an all hazards emergency response company. I got my start in retail working at Steve Madden and Francesca’s.

B: What really won you over and made you realize you absolutely had to work here?

S:  I just really fell in love with the unique culture here, the team, and the overall work environment. I enjoy writing, strategic thinking, and creative communication, so this was the perfect place for me.

B: When you’re not busy killin’ it in lead-identification, content-creation, or business-sales-development mode, who and what do you spend your free time with?

S: I spend time with my friends doing laidback, simple stuff, and I love taking my dog, Mowgli, to the dog park. I also hang out with my mom a lot, who is definitely my best friend. If anyone is a perfect human, it’s her.

B: Can you tell me about where you grew up, and some of the other geographical, not metaphorical, places life has taken you?

S: I grew up in Allen, Texas and attended high school there. After I graduated college, I wanted to be closer to home, so I moved back to Dallas from Oklahoma. I also have family in Houston. As far as traveling goes, I’ve been to Paris, Costa Rica, and Mexico. I loved Costa Rica, it’s a much more active cultural experience compared to just sitting in a chair by the beach. And SO beautiful.

B: So, you’re the newest addition to our box of Creatuity crayons. What color would you be and why?

S: Outrageous Orange, because it’s my favorite color and it’s underrated. It’s a beautiful color that’s prevalent in nature and I think it gets overlooked.

B: I love that! Time for the most cliche interview question ever heinously-overused: what’s a fun fact about yourself you feel intensely that people know about you?

S: I never know how to answer this question, I wish I had an extra toe for moments like this. An interesting fact?….. My interesting fact is that I know a lot of facts–like I’m really good at trivia. I also frequently go roller skating at the rink; my boyfriend has been skating since he was in kindergarten and I got into it when I met him.

B: Hobbies? Check. Moving on to the MOST important self-disclosure: so, food-wise, in pre-modern Homo-sapiens terms, are you more of a hunter or gatherer?

S: Definitely a gatherer, I don’t think I could take out an animal with my bare hands. In “today” terms, I like to eat pretty much any type of food possible, but my favorite meal would be pad thai with tofu.

B: Keeping that in mind, you just moved to Dallas, so what would I find in your newly-stocked apartment refrigerator right now?

S: One item. It’s a $12 bottle of white wine and I’m not even ashamed. I need to go grocery shopping…

B: Out of all the books, movies, TV shows, etc. etc., if you could take credit for creating one thing, which would it be??

S: Well, I love TED Talks. There’s a particular presentation called “The Power of Vulnerability” by Dr. Brené Brown (based on her book). Its my favorite of all time, I always watch it when I want to feel inspired or need some motivation for self-improvement.

B: Speaking of books, if you had to write an autobiography what do you think the title would be?

S: Sarah Flores: Motivated, Gregarious, but Mostly Hungry

B: (laughing) Aside from securing your next meal, what’s your overarching philosophy towards your work and personal relationships?

S: To keep things fun, and to be understanding and empathetic. I think just showing that you care in every facet of your daily interactions makes all the difference.

B: Wow, she’s a foodie and an eloquent voice on how to be a better person, everyone. Okay, on our final note: what are your long-term motivations in work and in life?

S: It’s simple, but my biggest motivating factor is achieving happiness. That’s all I really need. I don’t see myself as a money-chaser. I want meaningful, worthwhile work that makes me feel fulfilled.

Interested in working with Sarah or being a part of our dynamic, talented crew at Creatuity? Give us a call! We look forward to upgrading your digital ecommerce strategy in the near future or exploring relevant employment opportunities. Welcome again, Sarah!

– BV  


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