Meet Michael: Creatuity’s New Project Manager Team Lead

Michael Freeman: brought to you by The Princess Bride and bacon.

Sarah: So Michael, where are you from?

Michael: All over, all over. I lived in England as a child, Texas, Ohio, Colorado, Missouri…My dad waas in the Airforce…I was born here, in Colorado.

S: What drew you to Creatuity – What do you like most about it?

M: The interview with Shannon and Josh…seriously, because I was interviewing at a lot, a lot of places. I saw the core values and it really interested me, and I got to meet all of you guys. And I said, ‘This feels like a family,’ so that was very important to me.

S: That makes me so happy! What did you do before working at Creatuity?

M: So I accidentally got into IT in the ‘90s and I got lost for about 20 years, and I woke up being a Project Manager. And working on Scrum projects and just the agile stuff. So a little company I worked for in Frisco is going under, they had a lot of layoffs, they even had to let the CEO go and it was really sad, because it was like a family, like here. So for about two months I looked around, and then I found Creatuity.

S: Well, we’re glad you found us. What is your role and what does it entail?

M: So we’re going to still evolve the role, but I’m what’s called a Project Manager Team Lead. So my job is to make MeLisa, Brian and Michael’s lives a living Hell *laughs.* I’m very much excited with helping them be successful as Project Managers. I work for Daniel and so we’ll be seeing how we can help out the team in Poland, too.

S: Who or what inspires you?

M: Well my wife definteily inspires me. I have very deep faith, so I get a lot of inspiration from spiritual things. Um, my dad…I would say I’m inspired that my wife married me, she made such a poor decision 32 years ago and somehow made the best of it, she’s made lemonade.

S: What is your ideal vacation?

M: Well I got to go on my 20th anniversary to Maui. I only went to the beach one day. I actually went up the volcano, up the mountain and rode a bike down. That was a perfect day. In the morning up there, it was like frosty cold…and then you just ride down and go through eucalyptus forests. And we stopped and had lunch in an avocado grove…and then rode all the way down to the beach and jumped in the ocean to cool off.

S: What are three words that describe you?

M: Um…personality wise, I’m trying to think what the word is…I’m always thinking abstract – philosopher. Um, mentor – yeah I like to see things grow. And grandpa.

S: What is the one thing you cant live without?

M: Thats a tough one, because it could be potato chips…cheese popcorn…salty, chippy, cheesy things! Now that I moved back – we lived in Minnesota for 16 years – the Barbecue and the Mexican food, ohhh. So I think I can’t live without fun, foodie stuff.

S: If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what woudl you eat?

M: Possibly sushi…but bacon’s gotta be in there somewhere, too. Wow I’m gonna flunk that one. I guess, let’s say sushi.

S: Okay so sushi with a side of bacon *laughs*. If you were a crayon what color would you be and why?

M: Um, Jasper. It’s kind of a bright orangey-red, a very cheerful red.

S: That sounds beautiful. What are you most excited about working here at Creatutiy?

M: I’d really like to see the company grow, I mean that seriously. I don’t mean that for money, I would just love for our tema to WIN. I wonder if competitive should have been one of those words..? It’s so fun to win, when you play by the rules and just legitamently win. It’s kind of a hard feeling that not a lot of people get to feel.

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