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3 Reasons To Get Magento Certified

3 Reasons To Get Magento Certified 1

3 Reasons To Get Magento Certified

Magento offers several certifications, regardless of role taken when utilizing the platform. While it is not necessary to obtain a certification, it does add a lot of credibility to your position, and if you have the knowledge and experience to obtain a certification, then you easily have the qualifications to effectively work on a Magento site. Basically, if you work with Magento, it is in your best interests to become certified, or get multiple certifications. Need more convincing? Well, here are three reasons why you should take a certification test:

  • Solution Specialist – Knowing the Architecture

A Solution Specialist does not necessarily code within Magento, although it is preferable. The Specialist is an expert with the architecture and overall layout of the Magento platform. Anyone with this certification will know everything about page layouts, themes, extensions, customization options, and have extensive knowledge of eCommerce elements and e-store practices.

So, what does this really mean? It means knowing the goals of a business, how to implement them within the site, and navigating the market. A Specialist will be able to create marketing plans and push a company forward, while also helping with page creation, sale promotion, and figuring out which extensions will provide exponential growth.

  • Certified Developer – Knowing Best Practices

It’s one thing to know PHP, but it’s another to know how to properly use it with Magento. It’s fantastic that the platform uses a common and widely practiced programming language, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a walk in the park to immediately create a new eCommerce site. So, what does this certification entail?

A certified developer not only knows how to code, but also understands the best practices of building a site. This means knowing how to best integrate business practices into the site, as well as knowing how to make design decisions on the coding level (data verification, logging, etc.). It means you have the skills to code a site, while also implementing business practices and smart design techniques.

  • Just Get It! 

Look, if you work with Magento, just get certified! Do you want to be taken seriously within the community and hold a special level of credibility? Do you want to prove to everyone that you have a solid understand of the platform and you are able to use the best practices to create a unique, effective site? Do you want to elevate your status, gain more knowledge, and begin your journey by creating something more than just “another site?” Need another reason to get Magento certified?

Creatuity has an in-house group of developers and specialists. Most are certified, or hold multiple certifications, while others are on their way to taking the test. This is why eCommerce sites built by Creatuity rank among the best e-stores on the web.