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3 Reasons You Should Be Using Product Videos

3 Reasons You Should Be Using Product Videos 1

3 Reasons You Should Be Using Product Videos

If you have a website that isn’t currently producing videos, now is the time to start. Videos, especially product videos, are a vital component in increasing conversions. Here are three reasons why you should be implementing them:

Videos are Insanely Popular

It shouldn’t be news to you that videos are taking over the internet. If you go on Facebook you’ll immediately see about 5 videos within your first scrolling motion. Studies show that adults in the US spend 5.5 hours with video content each day, so what good reason is there to not be producing videos? Businesses should be catering to what is popular right now, and that is video content. If you want to take your eCommerce business to the next level, please don’t ignore the power of video.


Videos Increase Customer Understanding

A great product description is always necessary for an eCommerce site, but website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product online after watching a product video. Using videos to present your products is just another, more beneficial way to provide information to your customers. Demonstrating the way a shirt really moves on a person, or how quickly a blender can destruct a cell phone is a useful tool to gain trust with potential customers, while showcasig the functionality of your product.

Zappos.com is a great example of how a company uses product videos to their advantage. Not only do they display every angle of their Born Du Jour wedges, but they give a short one minute video that shows the size and weight of the shoe, along with how they look on a model walking in them.


Google Favors Sites with Videos

Another advantage of having product videos on your website is that it gives you an extra chance of ranking in Google searches. In the search results, Google provides a mix of data that includes news, shopping, videos, images, maps, and other mediums that are relevant to your search. This is a way for your company to stand out amongst the competition and potentially get higher Google rankings.

The advantages of having product videos on your website is something that should not be ignored. Videos are insanely popular right now, it helps give inform your customers about your product, and Google favors sites with videos. It would be silly to not be utilizing product videos!