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3 Tips to Make a Better Online Shopping Experience

3 Tips to Make a Better Online Shopping Experience 1

3 Tips to Make a Better Online Shopping Experience

By Elisabeth M.

Simply having an online store does not ensure success. The first step is generating traffic to your page, but you cannot stop your efforts here. It does not matter how many “likes,” “shares,” or “views” your site gets, you must secure action from your customers. Online shopping is on the rise. Online retail sales are predicted to grow steadily to $370 billion in 2017, up from $231 billion in 2012. You do not want to fall behind! Quality beats quantity, and that boils down to the quality of your site with these 3 key tactics:

  1. Make Shopping Easy

Your site must be responsive or else your potential buyers will give up. People are busy. When your site is responsive, shoppers can visit your store whenever and wherever. Buyers shop through all mediums, so your site must be user friendly on a tablet, phone, and desktop. It all comes down to meeting the customers needs. If it is not convenient for them to shop and checkout, they are not going to waste their time.  One of our developers, Wes, blogged about this topic last month in Making a Site Responsive and Why it Matters. Check it out to get the full picture of why responsive design is awesome!

  1. Stand out from the Crowd

The importance of your site being different from your competitors is a high priority. You need unique and tailored solutions to fit your eCommerce needs. The top eCommerce platform, Magento, helps you to express your brand vision so you can stay ahead of the rising curve. Magento is scalable and can be molded into whatever you need it to be. It will ensure that you to stand out from the other cookie cutter ecommerce sites, and your shoppers will definitely notice.

  1. Tailor to the Individual Customer

Magento evaluates each customers desires based on demographics, location, and prior behavior. You can boost average order value by pairing items of functionality together. Features on your website, such as “Shop this look” and  “Completed the Set”, boost the likelihood of purchase and the average order value. However, you must be careful to analyze this data correctly.  Sites can easily tell you precisely who your customers are but understanding the meaning of  the “who,” “what,” “when,” and “why” of your customers can be a grey area. Magento helps you analyze which marketing campaigns are successful and which fall short. You can then understand who you are marketing too, whether that is the desired target, and the right time to start marketing.

These three tactics will ensure the improvement of your bottom line. Magento and Creatuity can help you to exceed your customer’s expectations and provide you with a quality site. As we are in the thick of the Holiday shopping season, make sure your site is what your customers need!