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5 Awesome eCommerce Tips to Sleigh the 2017 Holiday Season!

5 Awesome eCommerce Tips to Sleigh the 2017 Holiday Season! 1

5 Awesome eCommerce Tips to Sleigh the 2017 Holiday Season!

It’s almost that time of the year once again. A chill in the air sets in, pumpkin drinks are out in full force, and (if you’re a Texan), you’re dreaming about Big Tex and the fried beer you will soon consume at the Texas State Fair. But if you are like many e-commerce companies, the holiday season has an immense impact on annual revenue numbers and all you may be thinking about is how you can leverage on the increase in traffic that is well on its way……. Here are a few tactics you can use to make the most of that traffic.

Seasonal Branding

People are very visual. Think about it, why do retail stores decorate for the holidays? It’s because people subconsciously associate the holidays with spending money. As an eCommerce entrepreneur, you may or may not have a physical location, but you can still decorate for the holidays. Slap some holiday lights in the margins of your site or throw a Christmas hat on the logo. Shoppers love that kind of stuff. Holiday inspired gift guides are another great tool to help you stay in season this holiday season. Providing gift guides to your customers is a way to help shoppers find the perfect gifts while also influencing them to spend more money on your site. I’d call that a win-win situation! People seeing your brand in agreement with the world around them can increase conversion rates for sure.

The Power of Cross-Sells

Have you ever been standing in the checkout lane with all of the items on your grocery list and then suddenly, that candy bar at the cash wrap is looking real good? You didn’t plan to buy it, but hey — it’s cheap and you’re hungry. This is done strategically to encourage impulse buying, and if you’re not implementing this in your online store, you’re leaving money on the table. You can successfully use this retail tactic on your eCommerce site by adding cross-sell items to the shopping cart page. This provides shoppers with opportunities to submit to their impulses and spend more money on your site.

Optimize Mobile User Experience

People are constantly on their phones and the holidays are no different. In order to run a successful eCommerce store, you have to cater to your mobile users. Last year, nearly a third of holiday purchases came from smartphone users. That number is continuing to rise and if your site is not optimized for a seamless user experience, you are simply ignoring a huge portion of potential customers. Focus on usability and design. Think about the structure of your site as you may take a different approach to content blocks, information, design, etc., on a mobile device versus a desktop.

Google Shopping

By now you should have already collected enough google shopping statistics to configure your ads for their optimum performance. A few other tactics you should consider include optimizing your product feeds and making sure your product images are in perfect condition. And don’t forget to let those stunning product ratings shine! A clear and clean shopping ad makes a world of difference. If a customer can see everything they need to know about your product in a simple shopping ad, by the time they click on it, they are already on their way to making that purchase.

Keep Buyers Coming back

A large portion of preparing for the holidays is focused primarily on sales but something many don’t consider when planning is how you are going to turn a first time visitor into a long-term customer. Make sure you have a plan in place to build a relationship with holiday customers throughout the year in order to keep them coming back. Abandoned cart emails, wishlist reminder emails, personal promotions, and loyalty rewards are all examples of ways you can engage with customers to build loyalty. Make sure that all the customer acquisitions made in the holidays continue to flourish for the rest of the year. 

That concludes our list of the most important factors to take into consideration this holiday season. Did we miss anything? What else would you have added to this list?

If you’re a Magento 2 merchant that would like to implement some of these tips now, feel free to get in touch with us and we can help you get the most out of your Magento 2 site!