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6 Reasons Why Magento Launchpad is Awesome 1

6 Reasons Why Magento Launchpad is Awesome


Launchpad is the smart choice to migrate from Magento Go


You know what Launchpad is, but why should you choose Launchpad over other eCommerce solutions? Now that Magento Go is being phased out, reliable alternatives can be hard to find, especially if you don’t know anything about Magento or how to get started online. What makes Creatuity’s Magento Launchpad better than other eCommerce platform solutions? Here are six reasons why you should choose Launchpad:


1. Powered by Magento

Like we’ve talked about before, Magento is one of the leading platforms for eCommerce websites. It offers features that make managing your store quick and easy, and it’s simple to add extra functionality through the use of extensions. Launchpad fully installs Magento for you and turns on basic features that are disabled by default. If you’re looking for an easy-to-setup Magento store, Launchpad is a solid option.


2. Beautiful Responsive Theme

Magento Community Edition 1.9 introduced a responsive default theme, which is definitely a step up from past Magento versions, but this theme is difficult to customize and comes off as a little plain. Launchpad utilizes a completely different theme to help give some control to the user and to give them a theme that has more style. This new theme is also responsive, but unlike Magento’s new default theme, there is some basic customization that can be done to various parts of the theme.


3. Stylish Frontend Additions

Along with a new theme comes some useful frontend extensions to add even more style to Launchpad stores. Some of these add a little more functionality, but all are extremely pleasing to the eye as both an owner and a customer. The following is a list of frontend features that have been added to Launchpad:

  • Image slider
  • QR codes on product pages
  • Countdown timer for products that are on sale
  • AJAX loaded category pages that lists more products when a customer gets to the bottom of the page.
  • Featured items
  • Color swatches for products
  • Blog


4. High Performance

Launchpad-generated sites are optimized to get the fastest speeds possible in Magento. We do this with the use of optimized cache management and various other tweaks to Magento. We also use external tools such as Redis Sessions and Lesti FPC to further boost performance. Of course, performance also depends on what server you choose to have your store run on, but Creatuity offers Launchpad-optimized hosting to give your store an accelerated boost in speed. No matter what you choose, your store will be much faster than if you tried using Magento straight out-of-the-box.


5. A Multitude of Built-in Extensions

There are some features that native Magento lacks, but extensions are available to help Magento behave exactly the way you want it to. Some popular extensions, such as Mage Monkey and Add Shoppers, are included in Launchpad right out of the box, meaning you don’t have to spend time adding these features yourself. We’ve also included some of our own extensions into Launchpad to further improve your experience in Magento. This will allow you to modify parts of Magento that previously required a developer to change. Here is a list of the extensions that come included in Launchpad:


6. You Own the Code

Once your Launchpad-generated store is set up, you have direct access to the code. That means you can modify it in any way you see fit as well as see for yourself what we’ve done to Magento. You paid for the store, so it only makes sense that you have access to it whenever you need it. Creatuity offers optimized hosting if you don’t want to move your store, but there is no obligation to keep your store on our servers. You are welcome to move it to any other host whenever you want.

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