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Amazon Announces Kindle 2 Follow-up to Kindle e-Book Reader

Amazon Announces Kindle 2 Follow-up to Kindle e-Book Reader

I don’t know about you, but I’m very excited about the possibility of electronic books (“ebooks”) and ebook readers. The thought of being able to have access to nearly every book in print via one device the size and shape of a book just amazes me.

Because of this, I’ve been watching and learning more about the Amazon Kindle for quite some time now, and as you may have heard, Amazon announced the follow-up to the Amazon Kindle, the Amazon Kindle 2, today! The device, which is thinner than some magazines and lighter than the typical paperback uses a breakthrough technology known as e-ink or electronic ink. It’s completely unlike any screen you’re used to – it doesn’t use a backlight, and instead behaves more like traditional ink.

Kindle 2 comes complete with a free 3G cellular Internet connection – there’s no monthly or setup fees, unlike a cell phone such as the iPhone. You can browse, preview and purchase books directly on the Amazon Kindle 2 using this connection, so there’s no need to connect to – or even own – a computer.

The biggest new feature, in my opinion, is the addition of a text-to-speech feature that turns any book, blog, magazine or newspaper you receive on your Kindle 2 into an audio book by reading that book to you!

You can preorder the Kindle 2 now – it’s currently scheduled for release on February 24th, 2009. if the original Kindle is any indication, Amazon will run out of the Kindle 2 very quickly. It’ll be interesting to see the impact this announcement has on Amazon’s stock price (AMZN) as well as if the Kindle 2 sells out like the original Kindle did, considering the massive difference in the economy between when the Kindle was released and when the Kindle 2 will be released.

Do you own a Kindle or a competing ebook reader? What do you think about it? Are you excited about the Kindle 2? Let us know in the comments!

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