At Creatuity, we pride ourselves on our innovative project process that ensures each client gets the high-quality web solution they’ve been looking for and the support that goes along with it. Each project here at Creatuity goes through six stages: Explore, Discovery, Development, Testing, Launch, and Improve. Read on to learn about how each of our projects goes from an idea to a fully functional live site.


Working with Creatuity

Interested to see the path your project will take when you work with Creatuity? This video will take you through the processes at Creatuity, from the Initial Contact until your project is deployed.

Project Start

Click to download “A Guide to Project Start“, a walkthrough of the important transition stage between signing your contract and getting your project into development.
The Exploration stage is what we like to call the “get to know you” time. Here, Creatuity comprehensively researches the needs of your business and which of our services would suit your project the best. From there, we deliver a tailored proposal. If you like what you see, we draft a contract and come to an agreement that will guide every step of the process moving forward. Steps:
  • Request a quote or more information
  • Initial meeting with Creatuity team
  • Creatuity researches your needs and sends proposal
  • Contract signing and agreement
  The Discovery stage is an important stepping stone between our initial proposal and the development. Here you’ll be assigned your personal Account Manager. Your Account Manager will be your primary point of contact for the rest of the development process, and our skilled AMs have the expertise not only to communicate your project to the development team but also to explore any concerns or additional questions you have throughout the process. When you have a new idea for your website, everything from a completely new theme to just changing the color of your cart, your AM works diligently with you to transform this idea into a set of clearly defined tasks. From there, the developers will estimate how much time each task will take to complete and build the technical architecture needed to move forward. Your AM then communicates this estimate back to you and works with you to determine the priority of each task, which you’d like to start immediately and which you’d like to wait to implement. This is also the time to give your AM any credentials we’ll need for the development process and any ideas and goals you have for your site. Discovery is all about taking your goal of building a sharp new eCommerce site and breaking it down into actual estimated tasks that can be implemented in development. Steps:
  • Assigned personal Project Coordinator
  • Hand off login credentials if you have existing sites or servers up
  • Creatuity purchases and installs any themes and extensions you’d like
  • Provide any graphics or mock-ups you have already completed
  • Tasks are planned by the development team
  Development is where all your design ideas and dreams of your new eCommerce site functionality come to life. Our experienced development team takes all the design mock-ups and builds new pages that you can preview along the way. Additionally, this is the time to add all those fancy custom features you’ve been wanting to make your site as easy-to-navigate as possible and increase your conversion rate. During Development, we also integrate any other sites you’d like, such as a blog you already have up and running. Steps:
  • Build theme based on design
  • Add advance customizable features
  • Troubleshoot any issues if you have an existing site
  • Third-party integrations
  Creatuity takes great pride in the amount of detail and attention paid to each project and values quality above all. We want to make sure that the site that you’ve envisioned works exactly as you’d like it to and that there are no messy technical issues left behind for later. That’s where the Testing, or Quality Assurance, stage comes in. Our developers take your site through rigorous tests to make sure each element of the site runs smoothly in all browsers and that the site functions smoothly for all potential customers. Not until all these tests are complete and approved by our QA team is the site ready to go live. Steps:
  • Test all features of website in all browsers
  • Repair any technical issues found
  • Tweak site with any final client requests
  Stage 5 is the one you’ve been looking forward to since the beginning: the launch of your new live eCommerce site. The Creatuity team works closely with you every step of the way during the Launch stage, taking your site from the preview you’ve been working with until now to the fully functional live site. During this time, Creatuity also provides training for yourself and members of your team regarding how your site functions and how to use it to its fullest. Steps:
  • Deploy live eCommerce site
  • Provide training and support
  After the live version of your new eCommerce site is deployed, we move into the Improve stage. Many of our clients hire us not only for the initial deployment of their site but also for ongoing site maintenance and improvement. During the Improve stage, Creatuity offers services such as eCommerce consulting, helping you build your online brand through search-engine optimization and integration with social media. The Improve stage is also when you can come to us with further feature requests. Whatever it is, we’re happy to continue working with you to make sure your eCommerce site is constantly on the cutting-edge of the online retail world and helps you build your brand. Steps:
  • Provide eCommerce consulting (SEO, social media integration, etc.)
  • Continue ongoing development and maintenance work
  • Build new features and sites as requested

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