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Awesome Fridays: How We Maintain a Positive Environment

Awesome Fridays: How We Maintain a Positive Environment 1

Awesome Fridays: How We Maintain a Positive Environment

Creating a positive, inclusive work environment is incredibly important in contemporary company culture. A company’s physical office, values and priorities, team members, and all of the interactions that take place between employees make up what we now call company culture. Invest in establishing a supportive office environment that creates unique opportunities for employees to grow themselves and the organization as a whole, and watch your employees succeed.

Inclusivity is Imperative

Employees take more pride in their work if they’re aligned with a company they truly believe in and support. When members of your team feel recognized, important, and involved, they take higher levels of ownership over their responsibilities. This fosters a sense of loyalty between individuals, departments, and the entire company. Striking the perfect balance between a fun, supportive environment and a professional, motivating office setting is central to the foundation of any healthy company culture.

Whether you’re working as a C-level supervisor, or at an entry-level position, it’s easy to identify the obvious differences in temporary, superficial motivation tactics and those that establish genuine, beneficial relationships between team members. Instead of offering your employees iPads or gift cards (which can also be fun and rewarding, don’t get me wrong), you should attempt to bring supportive management styles and level communication opportunities for a long-lasting, legitimate positive culture.

Awesome Fridays: How We Maintain a Positive Environment 2

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The Importance of Creating a Positive Company Culture

Proactively working to create a positive work environment helps to prevent negative occurrences in the office; by striving to identify sources of negativity before they cause problems or lead to detrimental effects on the quality of employee experiences. Conflict between team members, stress, unhappiness, poor mental and physical health, fear, or even overt hostility– these issues can cause the members of your team to feel detached from the quality of their performance and the results of their work. In an even more serious context, if these issues remain unaddressed, some of your employees might experience anxiety, depression, and low levels of life/work satisfaction.

Focus on providing transparent, open channels for communication that will strengthen the relationships between management and members of their team. Each employee should be aware of the organization’s mission statement, values, philosophy, leadership styles, and company priorities. Ideally, all of these things should be formed with a great deal of thought and meaning, while maintaining direct ties to your company’s overall mission and purpose.

By ensuring that employees strongly relate to company values, you can find ways to unite individuals with a variety of personalities, backgrounds, work and communication styles, pet peeves, and workplace roles. While we stereotypically associate ‘company culture’ with HR staff, it’s essential to recognize that the responsibilities required in providing a positive work environment fall on all employees; regardless of status or position, every team member has a direct impact on the formation of a work environment and whether that space forms under negative or positive influences.

So, how do you create a ‘positive work environment’ that feels genuine and inviting?

Awesome Fridays at Creatuity

At Creatuity, we search for ways to constantly improve and innovate in all aspects; our idea of bringing some fun and positivity to our workdays takes the form of Awesome Fridays. Every Friday at noon, everyone in our office gathers in our kitchen and dining area to eat lunch together, catch up with our team members, and hear important company news and announcements. Creatuity prioritizes work-life balance– when employees are happy and satisfied with their position or workload, they’re more likely to feel confident, creative, forward-thinking, and able to perform their best.

Sitting down and eating together allows us the opportunity to bond with each other and take a healthy break from our bustling workdays. The connections and interactions that take place during Awesome Fridays help to build strong team spirit, encourage positive thinking, and foster a sense of respect for differences in worldview and working styles. Our weekly lunch meetings give us the opportunity to celebrate individual and company achievements, wins, and team members’ accomplishments.

Whether we consciously realize it or not, these seemingly small conversations build acceptance and tolerance throughout our daily work lives. Coming together over shared food is an innately human experience; taking time out of our normal schedules to really bond and interact helps us relate and empathize with one another.

Occasionally, our Awesome Fridays take place outside. Every few weeks we travel short distances outside the office to an offsite location, like a restaurant or entertainment venue, to experience our weekly routines in a fun new way. As part of our newly ongoing Creatuity health and wellness challenge, we’re working to improve both our physical and mental health through a series of fun competitions, meal prep and cooking presentations, and tips for enhancing psychological wellbeing in all aspects of our lives. For an upcoming OoO Awesome Friday, we’ll be visiting a local park to enjoy healthy snacks and some good ol’ fashioned friendly competition.

Awesome Fridays: How We Maintain a Positive Environment 3Awesome Fridays: How We Maintain a Positive Environment 4Awesome Fridays: How We Maintain a Positive Environment 5

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