We're using a custom theme on this project, so this may be theme-specific, but if you're using Magento and Google Checkout and the Google Checkout button is incredibly tiny (13px tall specifically), then you have a style in your CSS file that is setting all input types, including the Google Checkout button, to be 13px ...

We're in the process of implementing Magento for another client and throughout the process I've been finding information scattered here and there about various pitfalls and problems that may come up when migrating an e-commerce site to Magento. I'm going to start posting them to the blog so that not only can our team f ...

Just a heads-up to anyone who is deploying Magento - if you're currently using osCommerce, it could be a rocky transition. Varien, the company behind Magento, released a free Magento extension last year to allow you to automatically migrate your data from osCommerce to your new Magento store. Unfortunately, this exten ...

I don't know about you, but I'm very excited about the possibility of electronic books ("ebooks") and ebook readers. The thought of being able to have access to nearly every book in print via one device the size and shape of a book just amazes me. Because of this, I've been watching and learning more about the Amazon ...

If you work with eCommerce websites on a regular basis, or if your company is in the market for a new eCommerce platform, I can't recommend Magento Commerce enough! It's a free, open source eCommerce system that was first released as a beta in 2007 and released as a production-ready system in 2008. Magento won the Info ...

We've updated our website for Creatuity Corp, with more information about the services we offer. Check it out, and stay tuned as we develop unique new content for the blog, as well! ...

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