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Blogging During the Holidays

Blogging During the Holidays 1

Blogging During the Holidays

Blogging During the Holidays

It’s October–we are officially in Q4, and the world is officially in gift-giving mode. If you have a blog for your eCommerce site, that’s great–crank out more posts in the coming months. If you don’t, now is the time to start! Blogging is free and adds value to your site in many different ways:

Improve SEO

There are tons of potential shoppers during this period who have no idea what to get as gifts. When you write a blog post filling this need, people will share it–whether it’s girlfriends dropping hints on Facebook, or guys just trying to help each other out–and each share is an external link to your site. Each post you create adds another internal link to your homepage as well. In addition, new posts indicate that your site is being updated–all three of these contribute to higher Google rankings. Blogging during the holidays also gives you an opportunity to create content for key phrases during the season.

Increase Engagement

Create helpful, interesting, and relevant content so that people will want to share your posts on social media. Any topic, whether it’s “The Perfect Gift for Grandma” or “5 Different Eggnog Recipes” can be shared. People in the spirit of Christmas will populate their feeds with anything related to it, so create posts that can be shared.

Featured Products

This is the time when people are in the market for gift ideas–so use this time to feature and highlight your products. And make it easy for the customers to buy your products: in the blog posts, link directly to the product page. Decreasing the number of steps to checkout will result in better conversion rates. Who wants to take 10 steps to purchase a gift for every person on their list?

Blogging during the holidays is a must for this season. Make sure to add this to your Q4 marketing plan!