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Is Your Brand Using Twitter’s Vine Videos To Promote Your Ecommerce Site Yet?

Is Your Brand Using Twitter's Vine Videos To Promote Your Ecommerce Site Yet? 1

Is Your Brand Using Twitter’s Vine Videos To Promote Your Ecommerce Site Yet?

Yesterday, Twitter announced a new mobile video service called Vine. This service allows users to use an iPhone app (Android version coming soon, they say) to record up to a 6 second video loop and share it on Twitter and Facebook.

Less than 24 hours after the release of Vine, three brands have already moved to use it to promote their ecommerce efforts: Urban Outfitters, NBC News and Red Vines. Urban Outfitters has posted 2 Vines; one of dogs, and the other in honor of “Beer Can Appreciation Day”. NBC News posted a brief tour inside 30 Rock and Red Vines, probably unable to resist the ‘Vine’ reference, posted a 6 second loop featuring different packages of Red Vines.

The one thing that I haven’t seen yet, and I’m a bit surprised by, are brands sponsoring contests based on Vine videos. Vine seems like the perfectly platform for promoting your ecommerce site by encouraging your customers to create Vine videos showcasing your products – unboxing videos, for one, seem perfect for Vine.

If you’re interested in leveraging Vine on your ecommerce website, get in touch with us – give us a call at 214-810-5005 or contact here via our Request a Quote form, as we’d love to help you integrate a Vine-based video campaign into your website.

And, here’s our first Vine video – a 6 second tour of Creatuity’s Dallas office. One thing we’ve learned from making this video – make sure to stay on each scene for at least a second, otherwise if you try to fit too many short clips into your Vine video, it can be a bit…jumpy!