IT Outlet Case Study: Optimizing Large Product Imports

I.T. Outlet, Inc. IT Outlet, Inc came to Creatuity with an importer that would import products from a third party source, but it was built inefficiently and couldn’t import products quickly . We built them an entirely new importer from scratch, which helped improve the overall performance of the importer. In order to optimize the process even further, Creatuity also upgraded IT Outlet to Magento Enterprise Edition, as Enterprise provides significant enhancements related to reindexing products. With both the newly built importer and the upgrade to Magento Enterprise Edition, IT Oulet was able to import the 600,000 worth of products that they provide in 3 days rather – without these optimizations, this process would have taken about one month to complete. Founded: 2006 Location: Sioux Falls, SD Size: 51-200 Industry: Information Technology and Service Services: Web development, upgraded to Enterprise Edition The Challenge IT Outlet, Inc’s importer was slow due to the amount of products they had in their catalog and the amount of times they had to update their catalog per week. IT Outlet, Inc.’s server was suffering from the amount products in their catalog, and the system was constantly reindexing their products, which is a time consuming process. Due to their extreme size of import, Magento Community Edition just wasn’t what they needed in order to meet their performance requirements. The Solution We upgraded IT Outlet, Inc. to the Enterprise Edition in order help them with their need of faster indexers, especially since Magento Enterprise is about 80% faster than the Community Edition when it comes to re-indexing a catalog. Magento Enterprise also provides full page caching, which helped with reducing the load time of their website. We enhanced their live server and modified their customized functionalities in order to be compatible with Magento Enterprise. The Results Cut the amount of time it took to import, create and reindex 8,000 products to 1.5 hours instead of 8 hours Upgraded to Magento Enterprise Edition from Magento Community Edition Optimized their homepage (now 70% faster), category pages (now 70-217% faster) and product pages (now 113-270% faster)

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