Growth Optimization

Adding Products in Magento: Tutorial

We know Magento can be confusing at times, and adding products to your site can seem difficult at first. The process, which can be somewhat time consuming if you have a lot of information to add, is actually pretty simple. If you are struggling with this, be sure to watch our simple, easy tutorial on how to add new pr ...

3 Tips to Make a Better Online Shopping Experience

By Elisabeth M. Simply having an online store does not ensure success. The first step is generating traffic to your page, but you cannot stop your efforts here. It does not matter how many “likes,” “shares,” or “views” your site gets, you must secure action from your customers. Online shopping is on th ...

Holiday Shopping, Magento, and You

Once a year, two days mark the beginning of the holiday shopping season: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. To say these days are integral for any retailer is a massive understatement. Sales figures soar exponentially during these two days, and because of the high volume of customers, retailers need to be kept up to date w ...

Coming Soon: Magento Community Edition 1.9.1

Just last week, Magento announced the release of Enterprise Edition 1.14.1. Of course, the eCommerce and Magento communities are very excited to upgrade to this new version, but not every e-store utilizes Enterprise Edition. Some sites rely on Magento's free platform, Community Edition. What about the CE update? If you ...

Now Available: Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1

It's official: Magento has released Enterprise Edition 1.14.1! If you work with Magento, you know why this is cause for excitement. Some may be asking, "So what?" Yes, it's an update, but this particular update comes with a lot of new features and additions, which will make Enterprise Edition much more powerful, effici ...

Sweet Tooth Rewards Extension: A Must Use

Generally, when it comes to implementing a new extension into a Magento-based site, it is difficult to choose the proper addition. The difficulty does not lie within the installation, however, but in the selection available. Because Magento is an open-source platform, there are many developers adding extensions, which ...

Holiday Shopping: Prepare Your Online Store

The holiday season is fast approaching, and it's the time of the year to start preparing for the online rush and get your e-store into tip-top shape. If you did not already know, the holiday season generates an average of 20-40% of total sales for online retailers. That means a massive amount of customer traffic and sa ...

6 Reasons Why Magento Launchpad is Awesome

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="523"] Launchpad is the smart choice to migrate from Magento Go[/caption]   You know what Launchpad is, but why should you choose Launchpad over other eCommerce solutions? Now that Magento Go is being phased out, reliable alternatives can be hard to find, especially if ...

Launchpad: The Best Way to Migrate from Magento Go

  [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Launchpad creates new ground as Magento Go phases out[/caption] Magento is the leading provider for eCommerce solutions, eclipsing other platforms with its superior framework, customization and usable attributes. It is the perfect solution for any business in ...

Sweet Tooth Loyalty Program for your Magento Store

We are proud to say that we have recently partnered up with Sweet Tooth in order to provide the best Loyalty program for your Magento store! They have several different programs that will increase your customer retention rate and customer service. Sweet Tooth works mainly with Magento Merchants so they make is as Magen ...

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