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Instagram: How to Market Your Brand

Instagram is currently the rising star of social media. Since it was launched in 2010, it has typically been used as a personal platform to share photos, but has now added business elements to it. In 2014, brands on Instagram experienced an average of 278% growth in follows, so imagine what 2015 has the potential to ...

The Top Magento Responsive Designs

Responsive design is a trend that has been skyrocketing the past few years. The use of hand-held technology such as tablets and smartphones has become increasingly popular, and the need for design that works well across device platforms has become vital. Consumers are using various devices to connect to the Internet an ...

How to Choose a Magento Theme

How to Choose a Magento Theme

For many eCommerce businesses, a pre-built Magento Theme is a cost-effective way to design (or redesign) your Magento site.  Here at Creatuity there are several things we recommend clients consider before selecting a pre-built Magento Theme for their new (or existing) Magento store: While some themes are list ...



Working primarily in web design, I’ve often heard of webspace referred to as “real estate.” Screen real estate. This same concept applies in print design. Working within a fixed medium, it’s only natural to want to fill this limited amount of space with as much content as possible, but this isn’t always the m ...

What to Look for When Picking a Magento Theme

Here at Creatuity there are several things we recommend clients look at and consider before selecting a pre-made theme for their new (or existing) Magento store: Shop for themes only via the Magento Connect site - Other sources can be less reputable and sometimes the themes are just pretty pictures that haven't been ...

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