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Portfolio and Our Services

Project Overview For over 20 years, ClearBags has been the packaging supplier of choice. After years using the Magento Community Edition, they decided to make the upgrade to Magento Enterprise Edition (EE). Since it was a M1 CE to M2 EE

Project Overview Noelasmar is an online clothing retailer selling a wide variety of products from personal clothes, uniforms, and exercise clothing to equestrian supplies. Creatuity was able to go in to Noelasmar's existing Magento multi-store configuration and customize it with unique

Project Overview Hail Merry is a rapidly-growing health foods and dessert snack food company that needed some support development for their Magento Site. Hail Merry came to Creatuity to help them get a marketing campaign established for online customers. Creatuity also

Project Overview I.T. Outlet Inc. came to Creatuity with a very large product catalog. I.T. Outlet needed a fully functioning third party product import functionality seamlessly integrated into their Magento store. Creatuity was able to develop a custom solution for I.T.