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ClearBags Magento 1 Community to Magento 2 Enterprise Case Study


ClearBags serves the packaging needs of both B2C and B2B markets, across the United States. Known for their exceptional service, superior products, low pricing and fast fulfillment, they had grown their Magento Community Edition site, stretching it to its limits potentially. With the release of Magento 2 in 2015, they were excited about new features and performance capabilities. After consulting with Creatuity’s team of Magento Certified Solution Specialists and Magento Certified Developers, they felt that upgrading to Enterprise Edition was the right move for their growing business. Knowing it was soon after the M2 release, ClearBags was ready to embark upon a journey that would help their business grow without limits for many years to come.

  • Founded: 1992
  • Location: California
  • Size: 51-200
  • Industry: B2C and B2B Packaging
  • Services: Magento Development, M1 CE to M2 EE Upgrade

The Challenge

As one of the first US-based companies to become Magento 2 Trained, Creatuity was already revolutionizing with Magento by contributing to core, building some of the first M2 extensions, and consulting with the Magento team. However, this upgrade would prove to be challenging due to the relatively new technology, lack of available extensions, and moving from CE to EE. Creatuity was up for a challenge, and excited about the opportunity to blaze the trail as the first M1 CE to M2 EE upgrade known.

The Solution

Creatuity worked in close collaboration with the ClearBags technical team, the Magento team, and the Magento community as a whole to address any potential hurdles in advance, and prepare an excellent migration plan. This also included a review of custom development needed, and a test data migration. After working through some complexity with the data migration, Creatuity developed a useful tool that will make future M1 CE to M2 EE migrations much smoother. After such a smooth migration, Magento asked the Creatuity team to prepare a case study and presentation for Magento Imagine 2016, which can be viewed online HERE.

“Creatuity has been great to work with on our M1 to M2 migration. They really know Magento well, and have stayed ahead of the curve by learning how to handle Magento 2 migrations early.” – David D., ClearBags

The Results

The ClearBags Magento Enterprise Edition 2 site is substantially faster and can scale to handle more visitors. The client has realized great results that are making an immediate financial impact on their business. Additional outcomes to note include decreased maintenance costs for the ClearBags site and an expedited launch, as this project was developed in eight weeks and clocked in under 1,000 developer-hours. We discovered that for a Magento 2 Trained development team, custom development work on Magento 2 took 80% of the time as the same work on Magento 1.


“Creatuity has been great to work with on our M1 to M2 migration. They really know Magento well, and have stayed ahead of the curve by learning how to handle Magento 2 migrations early. Their team is highly responsive and worked well with us. I would definitely recommend Creatuity to other Magento merchants, and have already done so a number of times. We’ll definitely continue working with them in the future..  – David D., ClearBags

Want to hear from David directly? Watch his presentation regarding this project at Magento Live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0dlvoJ-WMA