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Comparing Magento Development Options

Comparing Magento Development Options

Selecting a partner for your Magento project can be challenging, and even a bit scary. After all, while there are fewer than 1500 certified Magento developers in the world, there are tens of thousands of people who claim to be Magento experts. Here at Creatuity, we want everyone to be successful with their Magento implementation, so we’ve compiled this handy comparison chart you can print out and use while comparing different options for your Magento development needs. We’ll look at freelancers, agencies, Magento partners and Creatuity, but we’ve left a blank for you to fill in the answers for each item from any other option you’re considering as well. When specific numbers are listed for freelancers, agencies and Magento partners, those numbers are averages for that particular option.

Question Freelancer Agency Magento Partner Creatuity _______________
Number of Completed Magento Projects 5 20 50 200+ _______________
Minimum Project Size $0 $50k $100k $0 _______________
Initial Payment Required to Start Project $0 $10k $25k $0 _______________
Magento Certified Developers 0 0 2 10+ _______________
Meets Magento Partner Program Quality & Training Requirements No No Yes Yes _______________
Dedicated Account Manager that Communicates in Plain English No Sometimes Sometimes Yes _______________
Team Approach To Ensure Your Project is Finished No Sometimes Sometimes Yes _______________
Provides Reliable Ongoing Support Sometimes Sometimes Sometimes Yes _______________
Has and Enforces Code Quality/Security Standards No No Sometimes Yes _______________
Has Certified System Administrator In-House For Hardware and Hosting Issues No No No Yes _______________
Provides High-Level Magento and Ecommerce Consulting No No Yes Yes _______________
Follows Magento Best Practices and Does Not Modify Magento Core No No Sometimes Yes _______________
Support With No Monthly Retainer or Fee Required Yes No No Yes _______________
All Developers In-House N/A Sometimes Sometimes Yes _______________
Headquartered in the United States Sometimes Sometimes Sometimes Yes _______________
Easy to Contact Sometimes Yes Yes Yes _______________
Reliable Sometimes Sometimes Yes Yes _______________
Magento Focused No No Sometimes Yes _______________