Core Values

Creatuity has developed 8 core values that guide our culture, our brand and our decisions.

Family, Friendship, and Loyalty

Family, Friendship and Loyalty

We aren’t just building a company, we’re building a group of friends, a family. We’ll always be loyal to one another and to our clients, even when that loyalty might be difficult.
Positive Attitude

Positive Attitude & Fun Environment

We work in a fun, positive environment where we care about our relationships with our coworkers, clients and partners. We are passionate about what we do, and we should share that passion with each other, our clients and the world.
Honesty and Trust

Honesty & Trust

Above all else, we value the truth. The most important thing is to keep our word, never taking advantage of anyone and always telling the truth. We will always pursue openness and honesty, even when it hurts or we have bad news to deliver.
Respect and Empathy

Respect & Empathy

We must always try to understand the cause of someone else’s behavior. We strive to understand our coworkers and clients and accept them, treating them as we’d like to be treated – as unique, valuable individuals.
Responsibility and Honor

Responsibility & Honor

We will always do what is right, moral and ethical. We take responsibility for our actions, inactions, and the impact they have on each other, our clients and the world at large. This means always considering how our actions will impact the success of a project, the project’s budget and the company as a whole.
Learning, Innovating, and Sharing

Always Learning, Innovating and Sharing Knowledge

We strive to learn and push to improve. We always try new things, and try new approaches to old things. We’re never afraid to try something because no one else has done it before, and we strive to accomplish things that no one things we can.
Constantly Improving

Constantly Improving

We should always pursue the highest quality results in our work as well as our relationships. Even the newest employee should always share their feedback on how we can improve as a company and as individuals – in both technical skills as well as interpersonal skills, our company culture and the service we provide to our clients.
Cooperation and Collaboration

Cooperation & Collaboration

We must always cooperate with one another and with our clients. We are all working together to reach a common goal – to complete a project, to see a client be successful, to grow our company and its unique, positive culture – and we must never lose sight of that.
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