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Creatuity Brings One Touch Ordering to All Magento Merchants

Creatuity Brings One Touch Ordering to All Magento Merchants 1

Creatuity Brings One Touch Ordering to All Magento Merchants

Today is an exciting day for ecommerce merchants everywhere. You see, way back in 1999, Amazon was granted a patent on one click ordering. This is the process by which you can click a single button on any Amazon product page and create an order for that product. It’s the fastest, simplest way to place an order. And until today, merchants could not legally offer this experience to their users due to Amazon’s patent. But today, Amazon’s patent expires.
Earlier today, the Creatuity team submitted a pull request to Magento that adds what we’re calling One Touch Ordering to the core Magento codebase. This will allow all merchants on the Magento 2 platform to offer a streamlined, single touch process by which customers can purchase from your site. This feature utilizes the Braintree vaulted credit card method that’s native to Magento 2, allowing logged-in users to place an order with a single touch that’s billed and shipped to the default information already stored on their account.
By simplifying the ordering process, this feature will increase conversion rates across all platforms, but especially for users on the go, ordering from mobile devices where they may find it cumbersome to go through the entire checkout process.
While we could have released this as a paid extension, at Creatuity we’ve made a commitment to open source. Key features such as one touch ordering should be available to everyone that’s utilizing the Magento platform, and shouldn’t require the purchase or maintenance of a separate extension. We also feel that this feature will only be made stronger by contributing it to the Magento core, where other developers can enhance it, build on it and hopefully contribute their improvements back to the core as well. This open source foundation that the Magento platform rests on is one of the most powerful aspects of Magento – no other competing platform has this feature yet, but by allowing contributions from the community, Magento is able to be the first platform to offer this feature.
This pull request is currently being processed by the excellent new Magento Community Engineering team. We’ll post an update once we have an understanding of which specific version of Magento 2 this contribution will be made available in. In the meantime, if you’re a Magento 2 merchant that would like to take advantage of this feature now, get in touch with us – we’re making it available to all of our clients running on Magento 2 while the pull request is being processed.