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Creatuity Building Magento Progressive Application For Rural King

Creatuity Building Magento Progressive Application For Rural King 1

Creatuity Building Magento Progressive Application For Rural King





Creatuity’s PWA Project With Rural King

Between making the experience constant across a variety of platforms and browsers, providing users with instantaneous results even in uncertain network conditions, engaging users with natural app-like functionality, and allowing for secure purchases, it is no question that Progressive Web Applications are soon to be the new norm.
Creatuity is currently creating a PWA for Rural King. The goal of creating a PWA for Rural King is to deliver a solution for Brick and Mortar Stores and their managers. As of right now, most products that are not available in store are presented to customers using paper catalogs or leaflets, a very outdated system that is difficult for both retailers and consumers. The integration will equip all Rural King stores with the ability to display all available products in a organized, effective manner that works the same way from device to device. Customers will also be able to place ship to store orders from their customer accounts. Creatuity is planning to replace the current storefront with Progressive Web Applications in hopes to increase customer satisfaction.

The current progress of the PWA implementation is going well, according to PWA Project Manager Jakub Ludwa, and developers Krzysztof Boguś, Sergii Maksymov, Marcin Nowak, and Maciej Donarski. They have successfully tested the first order using PWA, finished My Store Widget functionality, incorporated Page Builder module, and migrated all CMS pages from the current Rural King website. They are still working on general application improvements and waiting for Magento to implement some missing features. With the way the project is going, Creatuity is on track to be the first company in the world to implement Magento Progressive Application using Magento PWA studio tools.

Progressive Web Applications: What Are They?

Progressive Web Applications, or PWAs for short, are taking the technology industry by storm. They offer a solution to the many issues merchants, consumers, and developers encounter with omnichannel commerce. PWAs allow sites to present products and information in a consistent, engaging, and quick format that reigns superior to both websites and applications. They act like an application, but can live on mobile websites – thus eliminating the need to download an application from the app store, saving users both time and space. Merchants can increase user engagement by replacing archaic site functionality with progressive web applications, fully optimizing their sites for mobile use. The current mobile use trends overwhelmingly show that shoppers are spending a majority of their time on mobile devices. However, this trend is not resulting in increased sales from mobile platforms. Despite the turn towards online shopping on mobile devices, most purchases are still conducted on desktops — a major problem for retailers. “Mobile shoppers spend 39% more time, but less money on eCommerce websites compared to their desktop counterparts,” according MobileOptimized.org. Mobile use also has the highest cart abandonment rate — so it’s not that consumers aren’t shopping on mobile devices — they just aren’t buying.

This is where PWAs come in. Since PWAs act like an application, they’re easier to use then most sites, which may not be completely configured for use on a mobile device, or may be different from the native desktop site causing customer confusion and frustration. PWAs not only act like an application on mobile devices, but on tablets and desktops as well, creating a consistent user experience regardless of the medium. They are reliable and fast, loading instantly even in uncertain network conditions, which is a major selling point considering “53% of users will abandon a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load” (Google.) Similarly, 62% of users said they were less likely to purchase from an eCommerce site in the future if they have a negative experience on a mobile site (Mobile Optimized.) With PWAs scrolling, clicking, and searching a smooth, seamless processes that happen in a near instant — giving no time for consumers to consider abandoning their mobile shopping spree due to the frustrations that come with glitchy sites. Users can even make purchases and submit orders offline due to the PWAs ability to store content in a cache or queue, completing the order when users come back online.

It’s fairly well known at this point that eCommerce sites get more traffic through mobile devices than desktops. That being said, I’m sure some of you are wondering why merchants should favor PWAs over well configured mobile sites. The answer? Applications are more likely to hold consumer attention for long periods of time. When comparing the top 1000 applications to the top 1000 mobile sites, the average visitor spent 188.6 minutes on said application and only an average of 9.3 minutes on said mobile website — a difference of more than 179 minutes or approximately 3 hours. This substantial difference further encourages merchants and retailers to adopt PWAs to combat the persistent issue of consumers shopping online, but not buying. By incorporating app-like functionality in eCommerce sites, consumers are more likely to spend extended time on the site, thus increasing the likeliness of conversion. Consumers can also save the PWA to their home screen, eliminating the need to download a bulky application directly from the app store. Once they are added to a user’s home screen, users can enable push notifications, which allows retailers to continuously re-engage their consumers.

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