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Creatuity: Creativity + Ingenuity

Creatuity: Creativity + Ingenuity 1

Creatuity: Creativity + Ingenuity

Our company name is often misunderstood. Creatuity never passes a spell check test and isn’t recognized in the dictionary, but this is what we love about it; it stands out. It’s creative. It’s unique. It’s just us.

If you didn’t guess it, Creatuity is a combination of creativity and ingenuity. Our executives were inspired by the way Walt Disney invented his own, and now famous, term “Imagineering.” Walt Disney is recognized as one of the most creative men of all time. His visions and products are ones that are admired by those of all ages and here at Creatuity, we aim for that same idea; we want to be recognized for our creativity and innovation!

Even though people sometimes mistake our name and may be unsure how to pronounce it, we love what it stands for: creativity and ingenuity. We use both of these terms as inspiration to solve eCommerce problems and build eCommerce businesses. Each project and client is different, and we will always find an innovative and creative way to make them and their website stand out.

We are creative. We are innovative. We are concept creators and dream makers. Here at Creatuity, we use our creativity and ingenuity to create, build and support Magento sites. That’s just who we are. While we are also familiar with platforms like Yii and WordPress, Magento is our specialty. Our experts here at Creatuity are always coming up with creative ways to change the industry and find solutions to complex problems.

All in all, we just want to you to know what our name stands for. Creatuity is a company who focuses on combining creativity and ingenuity to solve eCommerce problems and build eCommerce businesses. We want your business and website to stand out. We want it to be unique. We want it to be original, just like Creatuity.