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Creatuity First To Release Magento Pinterest Rich Product Pins Extension

Creatuity First To Release Magento Pinterest Rich Product Pins Extension 1

Creatuity First To Release Magento Pinterest Rich Product Pins Extension

Earlier this week, Pinterest made their ‘Rich Pins’ functionality, including Product Pins, available to all businesses. This functionality allows you to change your ecommerce website so that when someone pins one of your products to Pinterest, instead of just seeing the product photo, users on Pinterest see your business’s name, the product name, product availability, product price and a link to buy the product from you.

With recent studies showing that Pinterest users are more likely to buy based on items they see on the site than Facebook or Twitter users, along with the statistics that we’ve seen from our clients where many of them see Pinterest users have an average order values of double of any other social media platform, adding rich product pins to your website is a must-have.

However, adding these types of pins is more complicated than just placing the Pinterest Pin It button on your Magento store – you have to change information that Magento places in the header of every product page, meaning that either you have to figure out how to make these changes yourself and risk breaking your Magento store, or you have to pay a developer to make this change. While there are many Magento extensions that support Pinterest, none of them have updated yet to support Pinterest Rich Pins or Pinterest Product Pins.

That’s why I’m very excited to announce Creatuity’s newest Magento extension – Pinterest Rich Product Pins. Once installed, our Magento Pinterest Rich Product Pins allows you to enable Pinterest Rich Product Pins with a few simple clicks in your Magento admin panel, and to celebrate Pinterest making Rich Product Pins available to all users this week, this extension is on sale for 50% off – while normally $99.99, you can currently buy it for only $49.99!

We’ve submitted the extension to Magento Connect, and it should be live there shortly, but in the meantime, learn more and buy the extension from our Magento Extension store here on Creatuity.com: Pinterest Rich Product Pins.

This is our 8th extension we’ve released, and we’re working on many, many more, so if you have any suggestions, feedback or requests for a Magento extension you’d like to see, don’t hesitate to contact us!