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Creatuity Releases 10th Magento Extension

Creatuity Releases 10th Magento Extension 1

Creatuity Releases 10th Magento Extension

I’m very excited to announce that here at Creatuity we’ve now released 10 Magento extensions! As a long-time Magento developer, we’re excited to be able to bring some of our best ideas and the benefit of our many years of experience customizing Magento to a wider audience than just our Magento development and support clients. Through our new Magento extension store, we’re able to offer some ground-breaking customizations for Magento at a fraction of the cost of hiring an experienced Magento partner like Creatuity to develop this functionality for you from scratch.

Our first ten extensions include everything from simple enhancements to complex systems like a Facebook ‘fangate’ system that provides Magento coupon codes to fans of your Facebook page automatically. Specifically, our first ten extensions are:

Custom Product Sort By Newest and More
Facebook Fangate Coupons for Fans
Buy X Get Y
Improved Backorders
Landing Pages
Product Availability Notifications
Flag Store Switcher
Pinterest Rich Product Pins
Convert Forgotten Pages
CMS Menu Links

Have an idea for an extension you’d like to see developed? Get in touch with us and let us know!