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Creatuity Welcomes a New Architect To The Development Team

Creatuity Welcomes a New Architect To The Development Team 1

Creatuity Welcomes a New Architect To The Development Team

Meet Chad

Creatuity Welcomes a New Architect To The Development Team 2Music.  Movies.  Magento.  The interests of our newest team member are hard-rock alliterative stuff fit for Rolling Stone Magazine.  I recently got the chance to sit down with Chad, the newest Architect to join the Creatuity team.  The interview was sure to be compelling, as we had stumbled upon his favorite topic…. that being CHAD.

SK: Where are you from, originally? 

Chad: I was born in Dallas and have lived in North Texas my entire life. If you ever need to know the names of all the different businesses that have occupied any particular space in the area, I’m your guy.

SK: That’s phenomenal.  I’m always looking for a good brisket joint, so let’s chat after this.  Where did you go to school?

Chad: I attended college in the North Texas area while working in the tech industry and, in the end, the industry won all of my time. I love learning and plan to eventually start taking courses again, just as soon as I complete a project or two.

SK:  Wow.  That sounds like a ridiculously busy schedule, man.  Do you make any time for fun or hobbies? 

Chad: I’ve always been obsessed with music and have played the guitar since I was in the 8th grade. I also love music production and gear, which has led to a lot of electronic tinkering. My wife is also a music nerd, so we attend a ton of concerts.

SK:  Ahhhh…. you beat me to it. My next question was to ask you what makes you a “classic tech nerd”, but you nailed it already.  Nice work.

So, why did you join the Creatuity team?

Chad:  I knew of Creatuity by way of collaborating with Josh (the CEO and Magento Master at Creatuity) years ago, and I had always admired the company. When I learned of the opening they had for the Magento Architect position, it sounded like the perfect direction for me.   My years of experience with web design / development, Magento, retail, IT systems and all that made it seem like a natural fit.

SK:  You’ve definitely fit right in.  Welcome aboard, by the way!  I don’t think I’ve officially said that, yet.  I’m terrible…. Sorry about that.

Have you always been drawn to tech? What was your first paying job?

Chad:  Braum’s, an Ice Cream / Burger restaurant. The web might be tricky at times, but that was still the stickiest job I’ve had to date.

SK:  Ooooohhh.  That’s awful.  You really want me to print that? 

Chad:  Sure!

SK:  O.K.! What’s a little known fact about you few people know?

Chad:  My true identity.

SK: (LOL!) You can expect a deeper dive into your background check in the coming days.  Secret identities sound like a plot line for a TV show, movie, or a video game.  Do you have any faves?

Chad:  Definitely! TV-wise, the last series I was really into was Stranger Things, as I’m a sucker for the retro aesthetic and synthesizers. For movies, I tend to lean toward things like Tarantino films.  I don’t get to be much of a gamer these days, but I’ll always be a big Gran Turismo fan.

SK: Nice.  I’ve always been a Q.T. fan, myself.  Reservoir Dogs is one of my all-time faves.  

How about pets?  What’s the furry family situation at Casa de Chad?

Chad: Currently just one rambunctious Siamese cat named Gravy, who is no doubt busy knocking things over at home this very minute.

SK:  That sounds like a living situation that requires a lot of attention.  You ever get a chance to escape the Dallas area?  What would be a favorite vacation spot or destination?

Chad: New Orleans will always be a go-to for me. I love the history & culture, and it’s relatively close. My wife and I also love California, Oregon, Colorado, and the occasional beach vacation.

SK:  I’d kill for a plate of Cafe Du Monde beignets and a LaFitte’s Blacksmith Shop hurricane right now.  I know the combination sounds funky, but trust me. 

So, aside from the Big Easy vacations and cat wrangling, do you have any other major goals you’d like to share?

Chad:  I’d like to release a cohesive album that I’m proud of. I’d also like to design and produce a physical product that I’m proud of. But, honestly, I’d just like to convince my wife to go skiing.

SK:  Not a big fan of skiing, is she?  Seems like a story, there. After we talk brisket, remind me to go back there.

Finally, the consummate interview question:  Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Chad: I’m at Magento Imagine 2027, relating an analogy to that time I successfully convinced my wife to go skiing.

Want to work with Chad or one of our other dynamic talents at Creatuity?  Give us a call!  We look forward to upgrading your digital commerce outlook in the near future.  Rock on, Chad!