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Creatuity Welcomes Their Newest Project Coordinator

Creatuity Welcomes Their Newest Project Coordinator 1

Creatuity Welcomes Their Newest Project Coordinator

  Richardson, Texas / July 6, 2017    Creatuity Welcomes Their Newest Project Coordinator 2


The Project Coordination team at Creatuity just added a new member, and she’s highly-competitive about making sure her clients win.  Her role as a Project Coordinator will make her one of the main liaisons between Creatuity client merchants and the technical teams that design, build and launch Magento Commerce websites.  Success, in her eyes, means only one thing:  Being the best.


Ariel (Pronounced “ARE-EE-ehl” not “AIR-EE-ehl”)  is a University of Maine graduate with a degree in Marketing.   She has an athletic background that includes track and gymnastics.  She is also an adventure enthusiast who snorkels the Great Barrier Reef to blow off a little steam.  But even this outdoorsy hiking explorer has a secret geek within.  Joining a tech company plays well with her inner nerd.  A lifelong Star Wars fan, Ariel once dressed up as Princess Leia for Halloween.  Now, she’s planning to be first in-line for tickets to “The Last Jedi” and any of the newest gadgets from Apple.


When asked why she chose to work for the company, Ariel remarked, “The culture at Creatuity was huge for me.  I immediately connected with the company’s Core Values, and I saw it as a great opportunity to learn about the industry while on the job.”


In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, two cats and half a dog (she shares custody of a pooch with her brother.  No dogs were harmed in the writing of this bio). She also loves to travel and has her sights on some sunny California destinations in the near future.  Her long-term goals are sharply-focused on career growth, as she intends to ascend to a lucrative management role within the next ten years.  We seriously doubt anything could stand in the way of her inevitable success.


Welcome aboard, Ariel..!