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Customer Engagement for eCommerce

Customer Engagement for eCommerce 1

Customer Engagement for eCommerce

With the way that  shopping trends have been changing recently, there’s definitely a call and greater demand for customer engagement. Marketers first introduced Customer Engagement as a “one size fits all” modality, which is in line with the belief that every customer wants the same things. Now, social media has changed this entire strategy, making customer engagement an important and necessary on-going conversation.

Customer engagement is listening to your customers on different channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, to see how they feel about your product. This allows businesses to get to know their customers, form relationships, and build trust. With this newly built trust, more people will be willing to ask questions and buy your products. In these different channels, the idea is to put yourself in the conversation and become active with the people who are talking about your product.

All of your efforts using social media to engage your customer should have specific intentions to provide your business or brand with results. Every endeavor should be focused on nurturing customers, creating loyalty, and most of all, increasing sales. Even though increasing sales is important for your business, your efforts shouldn’t be all about promoting your brand – you should show that you are an expert on your industry to get customers to trust you. According to Inc.com, “80% of Americans are willing to spend an average of 13% more with companies who they feel provide above par customer service.”


Source: teachersforhigher.com

Social media is becoming a great tool for businesses and enables you and your business more outlets than ever before. Before social media, businesses were limited to cold calls, physical marketing, and email (which was often considered as spam). Now that social media and mobile devices are popular, there are more outlets available to reach your target audience that allow you to have a more personal relationship with each of your customers. Engagement is strictly customer driven – you can put out all the information you want on social media sites, but it’s up to customers to write reviews, talk about your brand, and trust you with their questions. Do everything you can to influence your customers to start talking about you and your brand!

Customer engagement is one of the most important marketing strategies in this day and age. We have a fantastic new idea that can help with increasing your customer engagement for your business – if you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us at contact@creatuity.com or call us at (214)-810-5005.