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Our First DFW E-Commerce Meetup

Our First DFW E-Commerce Meetup 1

Our First DFW E-Commerce Meetup

We have been wanting to organize a Dallas e-commerce meetup for far too long and we are happy to announce that it has finally happened!

Last month was the first gathering of our Dallas E-Commerce Meetup! We had a great turnout and wonderful discussion. Personally, I really loved the diversity of all of those at the meeting – we had people who worked on all kinds of different e-commerce platforms, and had attendees ranging from high-level executives to those who are just figuring out where to begin in their e-commerce ventures. It was truly a diversified group and I think that we will all be able to learn a lot from each other by connecting through this meetup!

The meetup was held at the NoD Coworking Space in Dallas and it was the perfect venue! NoD is a space for freelancers and entrepreneurs to come work, connect and collaborate with peers. They provide desks, WiFi, a lounge area, ping pong tables, and coffee for their members! The owners and employees at NoD were very helpful and attentive during the event; they helped us move desks and arrange the space to fit our needs.


We really want everyone to get the most out of this meetup and for everyone to feel welcomed; It is open invite and inclusive to all of those in the Dallas area who work in e-commerce – merchants, agencies, marketing professionals, and entrepreneurs! Our meetups will be held monthly on the third Tuesday of each month and will include presentations from e-commerce experts and Q&A sessions. It is a great way to connect with other e-commerce enthusiasts in the area. We would like this meetup to be focused on learning, networking, and sharing experiences and tips.

Our next e-commerce meetup will be on Tuesday, July 19th at the NoD Coworking Space in Dallas and we hope that you’ll join us for some mixing, mingling and networking! This is open invite, so please feel free to bring friends and/or colleagues. To join our meetup, RSVP for events, and to be informed about updates, please visit our Dallas E-Commerce Meetup page.