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Unlocking Increased In-Store Profits
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Increase in-store profits during a pandemic using your website!

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forever impacted consumer behavior, with 60% of consumers indicating they were avoiding shopping in-person and were relying on delivery and curbside pickup options, and indicating they planned to continue this behavior even after the end of the pandemic.

This shift gives you a unique opportunity to beat Amazon by providing your customers the omnichannel experience they want, with the comfort and trust of their hometown.

Your Omnichannel Roadmap


The Ideal Omnichannel Experience

Customers don’t think in terms of channels. They don’t care about your omnichannel strategy. Customers have a need for your product, and they have a particular way they want to purchase your product. If you can meet that need by providing the product they want in their ideal omnichannel experience, they’ll purchase from you. If they can’t, they will purchase from your competitor.



Why Most Experiences Are Less than Ideal?

In the minds of your customers the ideal omnichannel experience isn't asking for much. Yet, most omnichannel experiences are less than ideal which frustrates us all - your customers, you and your boss!


Where Other Retailers Struggled

Family Farm and Home, a family owned & operated farm and home retailer with over 60 locations across five states, knew these challenges in providing the ideal omnichannel experience all too well. They are passionate about their customers and wanted to meet the changing needs of their customers. However, their website and ERP weren’t just disconnected from one another - they spoke completely different languages.


Planning For the Ideal Omnichannel Experience

The first step is to sit down and review the checklist of what makes up the ideal omnichannel experience. Sometimes we don't know what we don't know.


Implementing the Ideal Omnichannel Experience

Once you’ve planned out how to provide the ideal omnichannel experience, it’s time to get to work. Oftentimes this will involve replacing one or more systems such as an ERP or ecommerce platform, and it will definitely involve integrating those systems, so it’s important to decide what work you will do in-house and what you will rely on a trusted partner for.


Documenting Increased Profits From the Ideal Omnichannel Experience

So, you’ve implemented the ideal omnichannel experience - or maybe you’re considering implementing the ideal omnichannel experience and you’ve skipped to the end here to see what sort of financial results you can expect!

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Downloading this eBook also gives you access to the omnichannel experience checklist as well as additional resources on omnichannel experiences, including an informative, merchant-led webinar.

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