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Four Benefits of Using Magento Support Services from Creatuity

As a consumer, think about the types of user experiences you’ve encountered while shopping online, or even just visiting a website. If a platform’s interface offers a poor e-commerce customer experience, are you inclined to return to perform more business? Probably not. Thus, that company may lose revenue, and the consumer has a negative view of the brand. To streamline and personalize our client’s customers’ experiences, Creatuity offers exceptional Magento support services to enhance UX/UI, provide the smoothest path to purchase for customers, and help companies keep up with e-commerce trends.

Benefits of Magento Support Services Offered by Creatuity

Creatuity works with clients to assist in platform maintenance and functionality to give our clients complete control over capabilities that deliver the high standards their customers expect. Thus, maintaining a consistent e-commerce experience to keep a brand’s reputation intact drive ROI.

Site maintenance, bug fixes, and updates

A well-maintained e-commerce website not only promotes your brand and mission but can also serve as a visual representation of how dedicated you are to creating an impactful customer experience. If a consumer has issues with delayed loading times, purchasing products, or viewing inventory, they will be less likely to return to an e-commerce website. Creatuity’s reliable Magento maintenance services keep your store consistently running smoothly and include:

  • Magento upgrades: Always upgrade to the Magento platform’s latest version to ensure all the latest features are running seamlessly.
  • Magento optimization: Optimizing your Magento store provides top-notch performance and improve UX.
  • Magento maintenance: Keep your storefront performing flawlessly with ongoing Magento maintenance services.
  • Escalated support: Real-time site issues can be identified and addressed immediately.
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With a dedicated team of experts, the experience and resources we have at our fingertips is priceless and allows us to offer round-the-clock, budget-friendly support.

Phone support during business hours

According to a report from BrightLocal, 60% of customers prefer calling businesses on the phone. Speaking to a live person immediately is a customer support option some companies find cumbersome because they may not have the staff equipped to handle multiple calls.

We believe in a full-service support experience because we understand that live assistance is more personal and will create a long-lasting professional relationship. Our certified Magento experts offer reliable support to resolve site issues such as code conflicts and bugs so that customers’ brand loyalty is acquired and maintained. Because we understand how time-sensitive your storefront is, we discuss priorities, fix problems, and develop an actionable strategy for supporting clients as quickly as possible.

Evolution of an e-commerce solution

As a competent Magento support provider, Creatuity has successfully combined business acumen with technical expertise to help your brand develop a user-focused strategy that will enhance UX and increase sales potential. We can offer the following e-commerce solutions:

  • Migrating an existing web store to Magento 2 for upgraded capabilities
  • Redesigning UI to maximize ROI
  • Developing a custom web design to include high-quality visuals that are aesthetically pleasing to the end-user
  • Building custom functionality for a feature-rich web storefront

Continued support from an exceptional team

The Creatuity team of certified Magento e-commerce experts is ready to partner with you to develop a monthly ad hoc support plan that will support your bottom line. We’ve built a reputation as a trusted support partner because our team comes with years of experience. When you commit to working with us, you gain instant access to a dedicated team of Magento support professionals who are apt at providing the following support services:

  • Technical support: Our Magento support services are designed to enhance your site’s functionality and provide maintenance monitoring that keeps your site in optimal condition.
  • Training: Because our team is well-versed in Magento functionality, we can train your teams to efficiently use the Magento Admin Panel to manage daily store operations.
  • Launch marketing support: It can be a considerable undertaking to launch an e-commerce site, but once you have launched, you will need continuous evaluation to improve your online presence.

Contact us today to find out how we can partner with your e-commerce business to strategize, optimize, and successfully launch your successful e-commerce site.

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