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Google Advertising & Purchases on Google

Google Advertising & Purchases on Google

The advertising tactics of Google are always changing and being tailored to what shoppers are looking for. One of Google’s top priorities is providing the most accurate results to those who are searching, and doing it in the simplest way possible. Currently, Google is testing out a service called Purchases on Google with a handful of retailers.

Purchases on Google

Purchases on Google will make it even easier to purchase products on mobile devices. When smartphone shoppers search for a certain product on Google, they will see a shopping ad at the top of their search results with a “Buy on Google” text. If they click this ad, they will automatically be brought to a retailer-branded product page that is hosted by Google. The checkout process is simple, seamless and secure. It only takes a few clicks after the search results pop up to make a purchase.

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It is critical for retailers to start using Purchases on Google when it is available to everyone because it will improve their mobile conversions. The simplified checkout process in just another incentive for smartphone shoppers to go through with a purchase right then and there.

Advertising with Google

Advertising on Google Shopping and utilizing Google AdWords is also vital to improve your mobile conversions. Google Shopping is a way to give shoppers a peek at your product on the Google search results page. This is a paid service that is valuable because it gives you a way to showcase your product first, then get shoppers to click to your website. It’s also a way for shoppers to easily price compare your product to others that are similar.


Google AdWords is Google’s own advertising service that allows you to place results for your website on a search engine results page by paying for them. A condensed explanation is that it’s a way for any website to pick a few keywords that they’d like to show up in search results for and bid on those terms.

Both Google Shopping and Google AdWords are crucial to implement for all eCommerce stores. Managing one or both of these services can be daunting and is more of a science – that’s why there are experts on it! Learning how each of these services function takes time, effort and money, so you want to be sure you’re doing it right. Creatuity has extensive experience with getting retailers on Google Shopping and managing their AdWords campaigns successfully.

Creatuity would be happy to help you get up and running on either, or both of these services. If you are interested in talking more about Google Shopping and AdWords, please email contact@creatuity.com. We look forward to hearing from you and wish you the best with your advertising endeavors!