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Here We Grow Again! – Creatuity Welcomes MeLisa To The Team

Here We Grow Again! - Creatuity Welcomes MeLisa To The Team 1

Here We Grow Again! – Creatuity Welcomes MeLisa To The Team

Here We Grow Again! - Creatuity Welcomes MeLisa To The Team 2Meet MeLisa, Project Coordinator

It’s August in Texas, and anyone old enough to walk is thinking about one thing:

Football is coming.

Game of Thrones fans may know that “winter is here”, but football fans have been suffering withdrawal-like symptoms for months. Now that training camp is over, the anticipation radiates from the faces of our Dallas-area neighbors like those of kids creeping downstairs on Christmas morn’.  When I got the chance to sit down with Creatuity’s newest Project Coordinator, MeLisa, I wasn’t surprised to find she’s no exception.

SK:  You see the game last night?

MeLisa: Go, Cowboys!

Even a preseason victory over Arizona was worthy of a celebratory “woop-woop!”.

SK: Are you a homegrown fan, or are you from somewhere else, originally?

MeLisa: I grew up in Plano TX, where Whataburger and high school Football was life. I went to school at Collin College.  Almost my entire life has been spent within the state line.

SK: You should do commercials for the visitor’s bureau! So, what drew you to the tech world and Creatuity?

MeLisa: I studied IT in school and wanted to start my career with a local company that had global reach.  When I met the team and saw all the friendly faces, the brightly painted walls and the foosball table, I felt right at home.  Creatuity promotes a culture with a relaxed work-life balance, and I get to laugh at work almost every day.

SK: There are some slightly twisted characters in that office!  I’m glad to hear it was so easy to fit in.  There’s definitely a love of all things geek happening at Creatuity.  Can you relate to the nerd culture?

MeLisa: While I’m not a Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings fanatic, I’m obsessed with the soundtracks from those movies and most movies, actually. If you could hear what’s playing through my headphones all day, you’d know I was living my life to a lot of incredibly-scored movie soundtracks.

SK: Are you just a fan, or do you have some musical talent of your own?

MeLisa: I actually spend lots of my free time behind a musical instrument. Most days, I’m on my drum set, piano, ukulele, or behind my best laptop for music production. I never miss an opportunity to jam out with friends, at church or just get lost in my headphones.

SK: That’s another thing you have in-common with quite a few Creatuity employees!  There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of musical talent of interest within our office.  So, we’ve revealed your musical talent… What’s a little known fact about you that few people know?

MeLisa:  LOL! I am slightly terrified of birds. You wouldn’t notice, but I always try to avoid them.  Whether in the parking lot or the pet store, I just don’t get near them!

SK: WHY?!? Is there a bird-related incident you want to share with the reading audience?

MeLisa: No.  Not really.  I just don’t…like….birds.

Her laugh makes it clear that she’s ok with there being no reason. She’s comfortable and focused, and she’s got good reason to be. In addition to her new career, she’s engaged to be married. She has a puppy named “Rikku”. She’s even aimed at pursuing a Master’s degree in Business IT.  Life is literally a series of new, open doorways she is eagerly stepping through.

SK: Fair enough! Anything else quirky we need to know about you?

MeLisa: It’s probably unique that my favorite movie is Forrest Gump and my favorite TV show would have to be Gilmore Girls. With all the new options out there over the past several years, my taste in entertainment tends to be a throwback for most people.

SK: I’d have Forrest Gump in my top ten films of all time, so that one is fair.  I’m not going to “out” myself as a Gilmore Girls fan.  I know nothing about Rory or Lorelai…

Was a tech job always in your future, or have you pursued other paths?

MeLisa: My first job was making pizzas at Papa Johns Pizza.

SK:  OK!  Did you ever meet Papa John Schneider?

MeLisa: NO, but I did get pretty good at spinning pizza dough in the air.

SK: Ahhh… a skill I’m sure will come in handy, someday! I’ve only mastered ordering online for delivery, myself. Now that spinning dough and mastering digital commerce are dreams come true, what kingdoms remain to be conquered?

MeLisa: I have this need to see the world but from an unconventional perspective. I want to fly in a hot air ballon over Ireland and go dog sledding in Norway.  My plan is to work up to that with a fishing trip in East Texas followed by an American road trip, coast-to-coast. Start a family, get my Master’s and maybe even adopt a couple more dogs.

Want to start a project with MeLisa or one of our other amazing team members?  Contact us HERE to get started with Creatuity!