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Holiday Shopping, Magento, and You

Holiday Shopping, Magento, and You 1

Holiday Shopping, Magento, and You

Once a year, two days mark the beginning of the holiday shopping season: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. To say these days are integral for any retailer is a massive understatement. Sales figures soar exponentially during these two days, and because of the high volume of customers, retailers need to be kept up to date with sales stats, site performance, etc. Otherwise, stores will end up like Best Buy, which tried to keep its site live after crashing twice during the massive rush on Friday. These two spend-crazy days are now behind us, but that does not mean customers are going to start cracking down on their budgets. December contains the biggest American holidays, which means lots of holiday shopping. Retailers, as with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, need to really watch their stores, keeping up with sales and site maintenance, and if they want to do this effectively, they need to migrate to a powerful platform that can handle high-volume traffic without compromising page loading times. Of course, Magento is the perfect platform for any online eCommerce site, and it can easily handle the demanding nature of the holiday season.

Before we dive into the benefits of switching to Magento for the holiday shopping season, let’s factor in some statistics:

  1. It is predicted that US retail eCommerce will grow by 16.6% this holiday season.
  2. A predicted 101.7 million people will make purchases on mobile devices, a 37.3% increase from last year.
  3. 86% of retailers expect online sales to skyrocket during the holidays
  4. 70% of Americans consider multiple shopping options to be an important factor of the shopping experience
  5. 40% of annual sales are concentrated during the last two months of the year

Take a moment to let all of this sink in. People use digital means to shop, and they prefer to have multiple options to browse for products. The eCommerce market will grow during this season, with almost half of annual sales coming from these months. Do you think your site is ready?

The Magento platform has become the top contender of the eCommerce market, and for good reason. The open-source version, Community Edition, is free to download and use, it utilizes PHP for programming (which is well-known in the development world), and it is completely customizable. A licensed version, Enterprise Edition, is also available, which comes with more features. The Magento community is always creating new extensions for the platform, allowing any site to purchase and install any additional features that may need to be added to the site.

Creatuity has the pleasure of using Magento for clients, and it has not failed yet. Just to give an example of how Magento can handle high-volume traffic, we can look into Hail Merry’s site. This client needed to prepare for mass purchases, as they were going to appear on a national show and get incredible exposure. Creatuity implemented new features into the site and thoroughly tested it to make sure it could handle thousands of visitors and purchases simultaneously. It worked flawlessly.

So, instead of staying with a platform that may experience issues during the shopping season – as Shopify and Volusion have in the past – it’s time to switch to a better solution. That solution is Magento. If you have any questions about the platform, or would like to migrate to Magento and need a professional service to oversee the project, contact Creatuity right away!