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Tips for Improving Your Holiday Email Marketing 1

Tips for Improving Your Holiday Email Marketing

Tips for Improving Your Holiday Email Marketing 2In the ecommerce landscape, marketers and content creators recognize the necessity of effective holiday email marketing. As email automation software and marketing platforms and tools become more prevalent (and essential), email campaigns have become an integral approach in improving conversion and customer retention rates. The biggest spike in retail and ecommerce of the year is upon us– from Cyber Week through post-Christmas shopping, this quarter brings an increase in new visitors and first-time shoppers. The holiday season is the busiest period of the year for the ecommerce ecosystem, and it’s a time that businesses can’t afford to make mistakes or trail behind the competition. Adopting a proactive approach will help you to increase your level of engagement, produce high ROI, grow your brand awareness, and foster loyalty among repeat customers.

Through a series of optimized, tailored emails, building segmented audiences, other cross-channel marketing campaigns, your business can reach its full potential by successfully keeping up with customers after the holiday shopping has ended. As we gear up for the winter sales spike and making the most out of the customers it brings, we spend weeks, or likely months, prepping for the onslaught of increased purchases, sales, and shoppers. Strong holiday marketing campaigns will encourage lasting relationships while lessening your company’s dependence on often-fickle first-time purchasers.

Holiday campaigns are tailored, time-sensitive, and hyper-relevant– this creates opportunities for your emails to be opened more often, to be engaged with more thoroughly, and increases the likelihood of customers visiting your site or store. Email marketing consistently offers one of the most efficient forms of lead generation, digital ROI, and prospect conversion because of its ability to foster immediate, direct communication channels between a business and its customers. Today we’ll discuss three tips for improving your holiday email marketing game:

Tip 1: Welcome/New Customer Introductions


      • Introduce new subscribers/customers to your company and brand
      • Provide recipients with a purchasing incentive
      • Create a holistic customer experience and visual summary of your purpose
      • Set realistic, accurate expectations
      • Jump-start personal connections
      • Deliver opt-in rewards immediately following sign-up event
      • Initiate communication with shoppers on other social and digital platform


Your first, initial contact email should welcome your new or returning customers and supply them with an overall feel for your company’s identity and purpose. It should be short and concise, ideally only a few lines of text supplemented with visual designs. These emails should tell the story of what your brand offers during the holidays and highlight what events or promotions your business provides during this time of the year. It’s important to make sure that welcome emails are opened by your recipients, as this notifies a customer’s ESP that future emails from you are welcome, instead of relegating you to the dreaded spam folder. You can include a promotional code or discount coupon to encourage future purchases and to thank your customers for signing up for your subscription list. This is also a great opportunity to utilize great photography, creative graphics, and visually-appealing layouts to align the face of your brand with your company name.

Often-overlooked is the importance of subject lines, which are even more essential in the context of welcome emails. Emails with specific call-to-actions (CTAs) perform well and provide an effective reminder of whatever exclusive initiative you’ve provided your recipients with. A welcome email sent with an attention-grabbing, CTA subject line is more likely to be opened. This season presents a favorable time to experiment with colors, themes, and other aspects of email design. While a ‘Happy Holidays’-themed email design may not align well with your brand image or target demographic, a subject line is a great opportunity to utilize fun, festive language that draws your reader’s eye.

Tip 2: Promotional Sale/Event Emails


      • Provide high-quality, hyper-relevant, and valuable content to customers
      • Compel your subscribers to take action, in virtual or brick-and-mortar form
      • Push customers to your site to increase purchase rates and number of visitors
      • Supply shoppers with holiday-specific incentives like gift-wrapping or discounted shipping
      • Understand your subscribers’ buying cycle and habits to provide content that aligns with their current stage in the purchasing process
      • Build loyalty with return shoppers 


Everyone loves a good coupon or or promotional code; these marketing strategies provide customers with a subconscious source of validation for purchasing a product or service. You can supply your holiday shoppers with insights as to what they should expect from you in terms of sales, promotions, shipping information, and other events. Many offer a certain percentage off current prices, free gifts, or coupons for specific dollar amounts. Some businesses offer specialties like gift-wrapping, gift cards, and expedited shipping to further persuade potential shoppers to purchase during the holiday season. Whichever strategy you chose to utilize, ensure that it effectively impels your shoppers to take real action without overextending your budget or end-of-year margins.

Tips for Improving Your Holiday Email Marketing 3

If a customer is interested in spending money on your site or in your store with a coupon or promo code, they’re likely to buy from you again in the future. Time-sensitive campaigns are often lucrative when they successfully pinpoint a shopper’s needs and interests. If holiday-specific graphics or themed visuals aren’t the right fit for your brand personality, you might choose to clearly dictate event deadlines; some companies have found huge success by including a visual countdown or virtual timer to create a sense of urgency; you can compound on this by utilizing deals or savings that are expiring or about to expire, a popular form of promotional campaign. By emphasizing how short an ongoing sale has before it ends, a customer might feel more compelled to participate.

Tip 3: Gift Guides/Wish-List Emails


  • Provide personalized product and service recommendations through segmented lists
  • Create compelling lists that foster a sense of high intent
  • Feature niche or otherwise uncommon gifts that perform well during the holiday season
  • Curate a tailored list of items for your shoppers to gift to others
  • Chose themed fonts, images, external links, and social media buttons


Tips for Improving Your Holiday Email Marketing 4Another effective marketing tool is the creation of custom gift guides based on previously collected customer data and buying behaviors. Gift guides are the ultimate chance to provide your shoppers with top holiday gift options, best-selling products, and highly-rated services during this season. Dynamic, interactive gift guides with well-designed imagery and aesthetic content can help you showcase relevant items. Emailing your customers a cache of popular products and options for expedited shipping is a creative way to communicate with last-minute shoppers who need gift ideas and an incentive to purchase. Curating gift guides that feature a variety of price points, item types and functions, and that appeal to a wide range of demographics will aid your shoppers in considering purchasing for themselves and their friends or family members.

The winter shopping season is a period in which individuals often seek out themed gift ideas on social media and other popular digital communication platforms; take advantage of this trend by coordinating the imagery and design of your gift guide with seamlessly-matching content for social media profiles. If the products or services that your company offers aren’t necessarily something that can be wrapped and or stashed in a stocking, get creative with the types of gift guide or product recommendations that you deliver– if you operate a nail or beauty salon, offer discounted manicures or gift cards for specific services offered. Both gift cards and certificates are a wonderful way to bring new customers on board while encouraging loyalty with returning shoppers.

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Tips for Improving Your Holiday Email Marketing 5

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