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We Can’t Wait for the IRCE Event

We Can't Wait for the IRCE Event 1

We Can’t Wait for the IRCE Event

IRCE is almost here! We are proud to announce that we are attending the 10th anniversary of the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (also known as the IRCE) from July 10-13th in Chicago, Illinois. IRCE is the biggest e-commerce event where attendees can gain real-world knowledge from e-commerce experts, the best part is that one of the top event company will be attending to this prestigious event. There are also many workshops that IRCE will be hosting, including how to increase customer satisfaction, how to convert potential buyers into customers with detailed web designs, how to stand out in the global market, and many more helpful workshops.

IRCE also prides themselves on having a huge exhibit hall that has over 600 companies, which is nearly 90% of the e-commerce solutions market that will be attending this conference. IRCE is a great place to network, has an exhibit hall that’s easy to navigate, and has designated areas for just relaxing. There is even a new golfing zone where you can play and win prizes when you want to take a break!

IRCE is increasing in size every year – last year, the number of people grew by 12 percent from the year before.  This year, IRCE is expecting to have 10,000 e-commerce enthusiasts that will share ideas and new solutions to problems, old and new. Individuals from many different industries will be there, ranging from those from the web-only merchant industry to the financial industry. This allows attendees to network and experience learning opportunities from many different kinds of industries and perspectives.

Here’s a rough break down of the industries (click the image for additional details):


This convention is the top e-commerce event of the year and it’s not something that you should miss, as it’s a great place to ask questions and improve your business’ presence and needs.  We would love to connect with you at the convention, so please feel free to contact us via email at contact@creatuity.com. Hope to see you there!