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Key Differences Between Magento Community and Enterprise Editions

Key Differences Between Magento Community and Enterprise Editions 1

Key Differences Between Magento Community and Enterprise Editions

Sifting through the countless options for a new eCommerce site can be overwhelming. If you’ve found Magento to be the clear leader, as hundreds of thousands of merchants around the world have, then you’re starting in the right place. However, you must first choose the Magento edition that best suits your company’s needs. The Community Edition (CE) is free of charge while the Enterprise Edition (EE) is not, but the latter offers a variety of features not included in the free edition. Among these are:

  • Magento Support
  • Scalability and Performance
  • Dynamic Marketing, Merchandising, and Search
  • Increased Customer Loyalty
  • Extensive Management Toolsdifferences_between_ce___ee_images

Magento Support

Magento Enterprise Edition adds the benefit of 24/7 professional technical support by Magento itself. With this support from Magento also comes an Account Manager who will guide your business to helpful resources and to getting the most out of Magento. When it comes to your website, not having someone you can count on to lend support when needed can mean losing orders and potential customers. In addition to professional support, EE also provides diagnostic tools which allow for a deeper analysis of website aspects such as installed extensions, key database tables, and modified core files. This is very helpful to quickly identify potential problems.

Scalability and Performance

When it comes to your website’s performance, EE makes it possible for your site to grow without limits. There is support for running multiple databases which can be used for checkout, order management, products, etc. With EE, you now have the option to deploy your software through the new Enterprise Cloud, which dramatically increases the speed of deployment. In addition, EE supports faster inventory updates which makes performance during checkout more efficient. Full page caching is another popular benefit of EE as it allows for a smoother shopping experience on your site. Along with this, creating an Apple IOS app can be done faster than ever with EE as it gives one the ability to leverage sample code to use.

Dynamic Marketing, Merchandising, and Search

Another major difference found in Magento EE that benefits both your company and your consumers involves marketing, merchandising, and searching. EE uses advanced content staging, sophisticated attribute based customer segmentation, targeted content, abandoned cart reminder emails and so much more. With EE, you are free to alter nearly any aspect of your website and the pages and products it entails. You are also able to initiate custom catalogs based on different customer groups. Elastic search is another bonus as it enables your customers to faster locate the product they’re searching for. To make things run even smoother on your site, a customer is able to sort products how they wish and narrow results based on set criteria like price.differences_between_ce___ee_images

Increased Customer Loyalty

Your company’s top priority should be your customers and gaining their loyalty. To aid in this process, Magento EE provides a variety of features. First, there is a rewards program that grants points based on a customer’s actions that can be redeemed for such things as store credit. Next is virtual or physical gift cards that you can set minimum/maximum limits on as well as specified amounts. Along with these, EE allows for the use of private sales with the ‘Invite a Friend’ option. EE also allows for customers to create wishlists and gift registries for different events such as holidays, birthdays, or weddings. Another benefit of EE is enhanced gift options, which gives customers the ability to select different gift wrappings and/or gift messages for each item ordered.differences_between_ce___ee_images-3

Extensive Management Tools

With Magento EE, you gain the support of advanced permissions which allows administrators to control and view specific actions carried out by individual admin users on your site. Another beneficial management tool EE offers is return management authorization (RMA) which gives customers the power to initiate the return process per rules that you have set. RMA allows control over the configuration of everything in the return process from reasons for returning a product to resolution options. With RMA, the entire return process becomes automated as it includes sending step-by-step return instructions to the customer. Next, EE uses the tool Google Tag Manager which grants marketers the ability to add and update website tags. Without the need to edit your website’s code, tags such as conversion tracking and site analytics can be altered.

Take Your Pick: Community or Enterprise Edition?

Choosing between the two editions could make or break your company, this is why it is vital both be thoroughly considered based on your company and it’s needs. If you’re a smaller company who doesn’t need the upgraded performance capabilities or advanced features that Magento Enterprise offers, then the Community edition will likely suit you. However, if you’re chasing a larger audience, Enterprise will allow you to better reach specific segments and grant you much more flexibility in how you do so. If you’re stuck wondering which edition is the right fit for your company, or have any questions regarding either, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (214) 810-5005 or by filling out a ‘Request More Information’ form, we’re glad to help!