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Launchpad: The Best Way to Migrate from Magento Go

Launchpad: The Best Way to Migrate from Magento Go 1

Launchpad: The Best Way to Migrate from Magento Go



Launchpad creates new ground as Magento Go phases out

Magento is the leading provider for eCommerce solutions, eclipsing other platforms with its superior framework, customization and usable attributes. It is the perfect solution for any business in need of an online store and is currently used by the now-famous Zumiez, the internationally acclaimed Samsung and the ever-popular Office Max. Magento has proven its exceptional services by not only crafting incredibly accessible sites for these companies, but also pushing others to the forefront of their respective markets. Magento is used by thirty-four of the top 500 eCommerce sites, according to the 2014 IR Top 500 Guide.

The powerful eCommerce solution is not relegated to larger businesses, however, as Magento created a platform for smaller businesses and start-ups. Magento Go was launched for the sole purpose of giving smaller companies an outlet to create a powerful online presence without the difficult task of back-end development or the burden of finances. It was a financially safe and easy way to craft an online shopping market. Unfortunately, Magento Go has been phased out, and when February 1, 2015 rolls around, all Go accounts will be suspended and invalid. Without a go-to platform for small business eCommerce, where do up-and-coming companies go to create their online shop?

Enter Launchpad, by Creatuity.

Launchpad is the next step in small business eCommerce Magento sites and the easy solution for establishing an online store. The idea behind Launchpad is simple: create an effective, professional store for any business – regardless of budget – and have the site launched within one business day. The process for this is rather simple. Any client, company or business can contact Creatuity and express his/her interest in creating a quick Magento-based site. A Creatuity representative will gather the necessary company information and input it into the system. After the information is gathered, a developer will implement it within the Launchpad framework. Then, presto! The site will be up and running within 24 hours.

Sites and stores created with Launchpad come with numerous features, which allow store admins to not only keep their sites up-to-date with current information, but effectively market their businesses and track their clientele. Stores created with Launchpad will come equipped with Paypal, Pinterest, Braintree, MailChimp (for those email blasts), a Revolution Slider (to display images across the top of the site), social media share/like/follow buttons, QR codes, a count-down timer (for promotions and special deals) and a blog. On the back-end of the site, admins will also have access to a color editor, Google Analytics, improved – and easy-to-edit – CMS pages, access to “forgotten pages,” site reports and advanced SEO options. Launchpad Magento sites will be hosted by LexiConn, the fastest and best Magento hosting available.

Launchpad is the perfect way to launch (pun intended) any small business or start-up eCommerce website. With built-in marketing attributes and SEO, and with the might of Magento, Launchpad will push any site to the top. Contact Creatuity today for details. Take to the skies with Launchpad.

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