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How Long Does It Take To Build a Magento Ecommerce Website?

How Long Does It Take To Build a Magento Ecommerce Website? 1

How Long Does It Take To Build a Magento Ecommerce Website?

Be careful – this content is old! This article was written in 2011, back in the early days of Magento. If you’re here because you’re looking for the fastest, least expensive way to get online with Magento, check out our new service, Launchpad. Launchpad allows you to be live in 2 business days for only $4,000. 

Do feel free to continue to read this article, which we’re leaving online primarily for historical reasons. However, since 2011, we’ve seen a huge increase in the tools surrounding Magento, so that even the most complex sites tend to take less time than outlined below.


If you’re looking to launch a successful online business powered by the Magento e-commerce platform, or maybe your business is growing and you’re looking for a web development company to help you move your website to the Magento e-commerce platform, the first thing you’re probably wondering is “how much is this going to cost” or “how long will it take?”.

While every project is unique, based on our previous experience, a new Magento website can take anywhere from 60 to 600 developer-hours to implement. That’s a huge range, but there’s a few simple questions that will help narrow it down:

  1. Do you want a custom theme, or a theme you’ve purchased from a site like Theme Forest?
  2. Are you planning on using the extensive features built into Magento, or do you want custom functionality and features developed for you?
  3. Do you have a clear plan for exactly how you want your site to look and operate?
If you’re planning on using a purchased theme and relying on just the features built into Magento, then your project will most likely fall into the 60-hour range; if you want a custom theme built from scratch, custom functionality and don’t have a solid plan for your site, then you’re looking at closer to 600 hours for your Magento e-commerce website project. On average, though, most sites tend to take around 200-250 hours, especially those with a customized theme and some additional features, which most site owners tend to prefer.

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