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Magento APIs

What Are The Magento Web APIs?

Magento 2 comes out-of-the-box with several predefined APIs that allow merchants to control virtually anything on their M2 site. APIs are reusable, secure, and manageable — once created, an API can provide data over and over again.

With the Magento web API framework, Creatuity can integrate web services that communicate with the Magento system to perform a wide array of tasks, such as creating shopping apps, integrating with CMS, CRM and/or ERP platforms, and building JavaScript widgets in the Magento storefront or admin panel.

Using support for SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and REST (Representation State Transfer), users can use 3 kinds of authentication:

  • Mobile applications authenticating with tokens
  • Authenticating customers and administrators with login credentials
  • 3rd party applications authenticating with Oath 1.0a
Magento APIs 1
Magento APIs 2
Magento APIs

Why Use An API Instead Of Moving Files Around?

Application Programming Interfaces allow you to access data from an application:

  • Clean: Access data in a clean, accessible format, with no need to convert file types, scrub bad entries, or manually load entries.
  • Timely: Magento APIs provide refreshed data more quickly than manual pulling, cleaning, and loading.
  • Accurate: APIs pull data from specific, trustworthy sources that ensure the correct information is accessed.
Magento APIs

What Can Creatuity Do With Magento Web APIs?

Easily discovered, well-documented, easy to use, secured, monitored, and metered.

  • APIs act as a locked door. Want to set it up so that only specific people can have access to your data? APIs act as an entry point to your server and databases, only allowing entry to those with an API key. You can limit the level of access different users have in order to suit your needs.
  • APIs connect devices and applications seamlessly. Seamlessly flow information between devices and applications, all in real time. With endless options, developers can generate applications usable for any format, from mobile apps to wearables to websites. Create richer customer experiences by allowing applications to “talk” to each other.
  • An added level of security. Controlling access to assets is of utmost concern. Permissions and other security measures can control traffic levels, including malicious traffic, from bogging down your server. As a developer, Creatuity focuses heavily on this important part of API design, especially for more regulated industries such as military, finance, and healthcare.
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  • Build apps off each other. APIs allow developers to create apps that use other applications as part of their core functionality. They allow the reuse of core code, then apply it to technology that can then expand functions to create new, innovative software.
  • APIs serve as a universal translator. With an API, you have a universal method of allowing secure entry regardless of the device, O/S or technology they’re using. Standardized access without limitations.

While we would love to give you more information about the types of APIs we can implement, each client is unique, and we treat each case individually with a different approach.

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